Kati and Arthur

How we met: We met in our Sophomore year of high school. We had history class together and I sat two seats in front of him. I would only talk to him to ask for help. Eventually he asked the kid who sat between us for my screen-name (since that was the time when instant messenger was popular) and my number.  We talked and hung out for a year and a half and became best friends before we started dating. I’m very glad we waited because I feel that best friends make the best relationships!


how they asked: Arthur and I decided to book a small getaway after finals because senior year had me extremely stressed out. I didn’t even want to walk at graduation, I just wanted my diploma. So, on May 26, 2014, we were heading to Lake George, New York for some relaxing time away from the city and from school. On the way there, Arthur pulled over to take a phone call, and I was wondering why he couldn’t answer it in the car with me. After probing, I found out he was planning for us to go on a hot air balloon ride, weather accordingly. For the next three days I was ecstatic! Arthur knew it was on my bucket list and I was delighted that he wanted to share the experience with me. On our last day in Lake George, we met with the couple who owned “Ballooning Adventures” at five in the morning. Due to intense fog, we couldn’t fly that morning even though we were checking out of our hotel at eleven. I could see the disappointment in Arthur’s face so I somehow convinced him to stay until the evening so we can go on a flight then instead. We spent the day in Sarasota Springs after checking out and met the couple again around 6 pm. This time it worked out perfectly! Once we were in the air watching the sun set along the mountains, our pilot, Mike, took our camera and said, “Let’s take a video!” Me being a little camera shy said, “A video? Can’t we just take some pictures?” Mike started recording and Arthur took my hands and told me, “Our past five years together have been wonderful. Every single moment from the very first kiss, to this moment right now. And I know that our life together will always be amazing. I want to spend every day with you for the rest of my life.” In that moment I knew he was about to propose and the waterworks started. Although the gondola was a little cramped, he was able to get down on one knee and ask for my hand in marriage. I was instantly transported to cloud nine! I could not believe it! I definitely made the right decision of skipping out on my graduation. It was the most romantic and intimate proposal I have always dreamed of, from the beautiful man that I have been blessed with!  Untitled 1Untitled 31979494_10202917246206657_3301061845363420139_n