Kathy and Ralphy

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How We Met

I met Ralphy years ago, we never thought twice about each other. We lead separate lives all while having the same friends. One night, on June 30th, 2013, I decided to go out with a good friend to a local beer garden. As I was standing there catching up with people I hadn’t seen in years, in walks a familiar face. Ralphy being Ralphy walks in being boisterous and making all kinds of jokes. Here we are talking and joking amongst good friends and we decide to go into Manhattan. Once we get to one of our favorite bars, he asked me if he could buy me a drink and I said sure why not (I didn’t want to admit I wasn’t a drinker, I was really drinking water all night). He hands me a drink and I crack up and say “wow you have really small hands” he looks at me and says “it’s not my fault your hands are like catchers mitts.” I cracked up laughing because he had no filter and neither did I, I love to laugh and I love to laugh at myself. When he openly made that joke I literally noticed him differently, his humor captured my soul. He made me laugh and smile all night. I turned to my good friend who convinced me to go out that night and I clearly remember telling her “that could be the guy to break my heart” her reply was “uh oh!” We dated for six months and things were getting serious, we both wondered what our relationship was going to be, where was this going?, should we make a commitment towards one another?. The words I love you had slipped before but we both were afraid. As the question lingered in the air, New Year’s Eve rolled around.

Proposal Ideas Williamsburg, Brooklyn

On this particular day I have a tradition, every year I buy helium filled balloons tie a wish to it and at the stroke of midnight I left it go. I decided to tell Ralphy about this and he joined my tradition. On January 1st, 2014 at the stroke of midnight we let our wishes go and on that day he asked me to be his girlfriend and told me he loved me. He had no idea that I had wished for his eternal happiness. A couple of months later I asked him what he wished for and he told me “I wished for your happiness.” I couldn’t believe we wished for the same thing for one another, maybe wishes do come true.

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I couldnt believe how happy he made me but then I realized I then had to introduce the man that made me smile to the boy who had my heart. I needed him to meet Logan, my son from a previous relationship. I was terrified, I had never let Logan meet anyone I was dating. Eight months after we started this whole thing, I decide to introduce Logan to Ralphy at a chuckie cheese, he had to meet Logan in his world. Ralphy was so nervous, he told me he worried Logan wouldn’t like him. That day, they took my breath away, I watched as they played games and Logan shared his tokens and allowed Ralphy to pick him up to get closer to the basketball hoop. I sat there shocked at how easily they fit together, their gestures, how they communicated and laughed. He changed mine and logans world. Their love radiates and everyone notices it. They get along so well. I couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to have Logan and Ralphy in my life.

how they asked

On June 21st, 2017, my world came to a crashing hault. I got a call from my grandmother and she said my father had passed away from a heartattack. My mind was blurry, I couldn’t believe I lost the man that just told me he was proud of Ralphy and I. It was the first time Ralphy saw me truly heartbroken. As I got through the week of my father’s passing, Ralphy asks me if I wanted to go out to dinner to celebrate my birthday a little early. So of course I could use the distraction, a reason to dry my eyes and to put makeup on. On June 30th, 2017, Logan gets dressed in a suit and tie and Ralphy dresses up also. We had reservations at a surprise restaurant.. On the way there he told me he had to stop by our friend Max’s house to pick up some money he had leant Max a few months back. As soon as we park the car, Logan pops up and says he has to use the bathroom. I really didn’t think anything of it, simply thinking Logan is being a kid and has to go to the bathroom every five minutes of the day. As I sit in the car waiting for them, I look up for a split second and I see in the passenger mirror Logan and my step-father Louie walking towards the car. At that moment, I knew something amazing was going to happen. Logan opens the car door and hands me a card and a dollar coin and tells me “mommy you have to scratch it.” So as I pop open the card and scratch the card, it says in Ralphy’s handwriting “Are you Ready?”

Louie and Logan escort me into this building, down into the basement and out a patio door. As soon as I turn the corner, I hear “Say you won’t let go” by James Arthur, I see a staircase lined with candles and at the top of the stairs I see and arrow pointing to where I am supposed to walk.

As I am walking up the stairs I see rose pedals everywhere blowing in the breeze and I look up and I see my mother, my brother, my brother’s girlfriend, Ralphy’s sister and her husband holding signs that say “Say yes to get the dress” in gold letters and when I turn my head to the left I see Ralphy standing there underneath this beautiful tree with pictures of us hanging from it. I was surrounded by memories and moments I could only dream of. As I approached Ralphy, I see his eyes watery and I couldn’t control my tears anymore. He looked at me and some things he said to me were “Are you surprised? …. I’ve wanted to do this forever ….. I am sorry I took me so long!” As he bent down on one knee through tear filled eyes he asked me to marry him and I said YES!

I couldn’t believe he did this for me, he incorporated every detail I had ever mentioned. He include my family, lights, candles, flowers, music and hired an awesome photographer to capture the moment. They say through moments of loss and despair, we gain new chapters in our life, I can’t wait to fill these chapters with new memories. He is my dream and I couldn’t be happier to be with someone who I love so dearly and that my father respected. how they asked and who who is changed my world completely.

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