Kathy and Nick

How We Met

We first met in 2009. Nick was attending an interview in Melbourne to go to China and work at the Shanghai World Expo, I was working on Reception. We became good friends whilst working over in China and bonded over the crazy event happenings and love of Melbourne coffee, but it wasn’t until our friends, Matt and Jo, playing cupid – invited us both over for dinner in 2012 that this love story began.

how they asked

Whilst travelling in Europe together, after having attended a friends wedding and ready for some chill out time, we arrived in the beautiful, seaside French town of Cassis. After our first quiet morning of the trip, I (Kathy) suggested we go for a hike to see the Calanques. Nick suggested a paddleboard. Each of us was very insistent that our idea was best. Little did I know of Nick’s grand plans. After an hour of hiking, Nick said it was a really nice night for a paddleboard, and rushed ahead to see if the hire place was still open. I slowly make my way to the beach, where Nick said “the man has closed for the day but is giving us a free trial”.

Paddleboard Pic

Not one to question things, I went along with this happily. We paddled out into the mediterranean, and as I was turning around to go back in, Nick called out “Wait, look at he view”. As I turned around, the imposing and beautiful Cap Canille cliff in the background, there was Nick one one knee, on his paddleboard calling out “Kathleen Julie Lenne, will you marry me?”. He had a promise ring hidden in his shorts pocket, then in his mouth while paddling! I paddled over to him and gave him the biggest hug and said yes! We somehow managed not to fall in. We paddled back in together, and then shared a beer with the paddleboard man to thank him for making the experience possible. Nick had then booked a beautiful dinner and we shared champagne and enjoyed the moment before calling our families back in Australia around midnight our time and 7am their time.