Kathy and Mike

How We Met

5 years ago I spent the day snowboarding with some friends and his then roommate. After she invited us back to her place for some dinner and wine, and in walks 1 out of her 2 roommates and the man of my dreams. He didn’t know it then, but I did.

how they asked

Mike’s cousins were in town from Canada and we had planned on showing them around LA. I had a hair appointment schedule weeks in advance so I had to drive separately and meet them at Skyspace LA. When I got there we all took the elevators together and enjoyed the first lookout point.

Kathy's Proposal in Skyspace LA

We must have gotten caught up in taking pictures because the rest of his family left us to view the second lookout point where our my moms and the rest of his family were enjoying the view. I had previously invited my mom the night before so I expected her to be there. We started walking over and I see my mom and his family and thinking nothing of it.

Proposal Ideas Skyspace LA

I went to greet everyone and everyone seemed really standoffish causing me to question “why is everyone acting so weird?” I turn to look at Mike and I see his daughter standing in front of a painted wing mural holding a bouquet of roses and a red box, it was then I realized why everyone was acting so weird. He grabs the box from her and drops down to one knee and proposes. Mike planned such a meaningful proposal one I will never forget.

Our Video

Special Thanks

AJ Fojas
 | Videographer