Kathy and Matt

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how they asked

Now mind you, the day before was my birthday and we were celebrating Passover with his family. Then the night came to almost an end to open my gifts and Matt only gave me flowers and a card. Don’t take that as me being upset, because I am not one big on gifts. I was actually more upset that he didn’t buy me chocolate haha. Anyway, then it was Saturday, the next day and on our way home, we had to stop at a few stores. I realized he left his book bag in the car, so I gave him a call since we went to his parents’ house in separate cars. He hopped into my car after we met at one store and said let’s enjoy the beautiful day. It was the first nice day since March was a very brutal month for us.

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Driving around to enjoy the scenery wasn’t something out of the ordinary with us. I noticed he kept looking at his phone for directions and it left us at Hawks Nest. I still didn’t think anything of it, the views are beautiful, overlooking the Delaware River, mountains, birds flying over us, just pure beauty. Our little girl was sleeping in the car so we just walked out next to the car just to breath in the fresh air. He just started talking about how much he loved me, which isn’t something new, he’s always complimenting me. I was too busy looking trying to see if I could find an eagle and he just came out and said, “I have a gift for you.” I turned around, and here he is, side of the road, on bent knee asking me to be his wife, that life without me would not ever be complete if I wasn’t by his side. I always imagined this moment and thought I would immediately be like yes yes, instead I was absolutely speechless as I stared at him holding the box with this beautiful ring. Of course with tears running down my face, I said: “Of course!”

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