Kathy and Ken

Image 1 of Kathy and Ken

How we met: We met at one of our favorite restaurants in college. Our mutual friends were meeting each other there, so they introduced us. We were also part of the same campus organization, the Student Programming Association, but we just hadn’t formally met yet. We started talking and hanging out outside of those meetings, and our friendship grew from there.

how they asked: Ken surprised me with a weekend trip to Disney World! He told me we were going somewhere for the weekend, but I didn’t find out where until right before. After a magical weekend in Disney World, we returned home and had dinner at a nice restaurant in downtown State College. After dinner we took a stroll through campus as the snow flurries began to fall, and we ended up at Old Main. Ken then said he had gotten something for me in Disney World. Out of his pocket he pulled something wrapped in tissue paper. It was heavier than I expected, and as I started to unwrap it, I realized it was a glass slipper. As I turned it over I saw the words “Marry Me?” engraved in the glass. I spun around, and Ken was on one knee waiting for the answer!

Image 2 of Kathy and Ken