Kathy and Josh

How We Met

When Josh and I met it was on a dating app called OKCupid. I was so done with dating apps and the types of “matches”, more like mismatches lol, it was producing that I was ready to delete it. I asked God at that moment, “Why can’t I find a man of faith?!” and BOOM Josh messaged me. At the time he was a youth minister at his church. He made me laugh and I loved his profile. The last line read “Unless you’re ready to settle down, don’t message me!” lol My profile’s last line read “Unless you are all about that bass, keep it moving!” Hahaha.

Kathy's Proposal in In our friends home.

He asked for my number and I said: “Why not?!” Since I was deleting the app. The rest is history. Almost 3 years later, we are now, serving God together with kids, engaged, planning our wedding and soon, with Laura and Kyle, become one family under God. Isn’t Gods timing, and humor, perfect?! I love you Babe!

how they asked

Josh is my soul. I waited my whole life for him. He is my first in all the ways that matter the most. On this particular day, he did everything so right when he #proposed. I had been suspicious for a few weeks that he was going to ask for my hand in marriage. I got my nails done. Made sure my hair and makeup were done every moment of every day, especially at outings and at church. But one Wednesday I was tired and he hadn’t asked so I had given up and thought, he’ll ask when God tells him to. So, we went to our church #CityGroup and he gave the closing prayer. It was so good and all I thought was, Man this is the Josh I met and fell in love with.

A man after God’s own heart. Once he was done, he said Oh one more thing, turned to me, looked right into my eyes with his quirky smirk and got down on one knee with his hand in his pocket. It was perfect. In front of people we love so much and our kids just upstairs. A house filled with The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Now, we are exactly 3 months away from having said #ido and on our way to our #honeymoon. Gods timing is so perfect ♥️

Wedding Proposal Ideas in In our friends home.

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