Kathy and Jonathan


How We Met

Tang and I met by accident. He was visiting his college friend from Sacramento (he had just moved up there and was kinda lonely) and I was visiting a family friend with my then-boyfriend. It turns out that the family friend and his college friend happened to be roommates. So, after we met the first time, we immediately recognized each other from somewhere. So we started listing all the different clubs, hangouts, religious organization, friends, etc to figure out where we knew each other from. Needless to say, we still haven’t figured it out.

Afterwards, we became fast friends going on mini-hangouts in the City. We took stuffed squirrels and blew bubbles in San Francisco. We hung out and had sushi, chatted on the phone, he would send me gifts (clothes because I was still wearing my clothes from 5th grade).

So, he asked me out… twice. And I said no, since I was still dating my on again and off again boyfriend. Eventually, he told me that he would wait for me to ask him out and finally on May 21, 2009 I asked him out. We’ve dated ever since.


how they asked

He had planned it out months in advance with my sister. We had gone to the Rain Room at LACMA and had taken this amazing shot and I was hankering to go to the Infinity Room. And finally he had called the Los Angeles Broad and asked them if we could possibly have a little more time than the 45 seconds allotted to people.


So, on the day of the proposal, my sister, he and I went to a fancy brunch so that I would be all dressed up. Afterwards, we went to the Infinity Room. My sister and I went in first and it was beautiful. We got some awesome photos.

Then he came in and asked me, what kind of photos would you like, prom pose, kissy pose, how about a pro-pose-al? Cheesiest line ever, and I couldn’t stop laughing. So amid the twinkling lights in a room that represents “The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away” with our reflections going on forever, he asked me to marry him.