Kathy and Dante

How We Met

How we met was like a quiet blessing. At my job I am a technician I went into her home and it was something about her I couldn’t shake. As a tech I couldn’t approach her for job purposes. But when I left her house she text my work phone back expressing how she normally don’t do this but she told me she felt attracted to me. I was in a separation process so I accepted her friendship. We were cool but when she realized there was still something there with my prior relationship she stop talking to me . A few years later she walked back in my life right after my girlfriend passed. She was there for me never asked for anything and was a friend first before anything. We hung out more and we became close then loved each other. Here we are now happy.

how they asked

The plan was to propose on Christmas but the ring wasn’t ready by then which was a blessing cause I realized this should be a separate experience from Christmas or her Birthday which is 2 days after Christmas. So I decided to do it New Years Eve so we can start the New year right. I took her to dinner at a beautiful restaurant and when then moment happened it made me change my plans and propose on the spot so I set my camera up and just did it a way that symbolize us and hitch the traditional way I proposed over dinner. Her reaction was priceless

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