Kathy and Brandon

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How We Met

Let’s talk about our love story!

Brandon and I have grown up knowing each other but, did not really talk to each other until high school. We always reminisce about how we always had an eye for one another but, never had the courage to come up to the other person. So… I made the first move one day and decided to slide into his DM’s and let’s just say that was the best decision of my entire life!! We’ve been together ever since high school and is so excited about this new journey of being engaged and wedding planning!

How They Asked

Brandon had been planning our August rooftop proposal since April. Brandon explained to me how hard it was to keep it a secret from me (because no one has ever surprised me before). He thought hard about how he could surprise me and catch me off guard. That’s when he came up with the idea to book our New York trip around his birthday so that I would believe that was the reason we were going to New York. Well… it sure did work! Because I had absolutely no clue what was going to happened on this trip.

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Wedding Proposal Ideas in New York

The biggest surprise of my life happened on Saturday, August 17, 2019. The proposal was an absolute dream! We had planned a trip to New York for Brandon’s Birthday (or so I thought!). We had an eventful day that Saturday and I were exhausted. We got back to our hotel and Brandon had told me that we had dinner reservations at a nice restaurant. I just laid in bed not wanting to get ready and adamant about calling it a night. Brandon explained to me it was a restaurant with a beautiful view and I should dress up so I could get a couple of photos at dinner. And so I get ready and we are off to dinner. We arrive at the restaurant and are having an amazing dinner when Brandon tells me we have tickets to viewing on a rooftop after dinner. Since we were there celebrating Brandon’s birthday the waiter explained that the dessert would be complimentary.

Brandon told me that we needed to skip dessert because our ticket time for the viewing was soon. Me being a sweet tooth and stubborn told Brandon how could we pass on FREE dessert! So I ordered the dessert and noticed Brandon beginning to get anxious as time went on. (Me not knowing the surprise that’s about to occur) I ask Brandon if there were other time slots available for the viewing and he explained to me that was the only opening. I quickly finished up dessert and we arrive at this “rooftop viewing”. We get off the 20th floor and Brandon’s guides me to a different door from what I see people entering. We get to the door and as it opens I see a photographer taking pictures and a rose petal and candle walkway. At the point, as crazy as it sounds, I still had no idea this was a proposal and just thought this was how the “rooftop viewing” was. Then the moment happened… a violinist begins to play as I turned the corner and saw a sign. The sign read “MARRY ME?”.

I looked at Brandon in complete shock and confusion. Brandon guides me to the center of the walkway and pulls out our adventure book. He begins to read me a paragraph… these words I will keep to myself and remember forever. He closes the book looks me in the eyes and gets down on one knee. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a box. As he is opening the box, he says the words “Kathy… (my full name) will you do me the honor of marrying me?”. Tears begin to fill my eyes as I gave my answer… “Yes, I will marry you!”. At this moment we were both in bliss and awe. We took in the amazing rooftop view, beautiful decorations, and snapped a few pictures with the photographer. We celebrated the rest of the night with a bottle of champagne and I could not keep my eyes off my dream ring!! I still cannot believe he pulled off this surprise! It was an absolute perfect proposal and I am so lucky to be engaged to such an amazing man!

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