Kathtyn and George

Where to Propose in LaSalette Shrine, The Land of Lights
My boyfriend, now husband had come home to visit for the holidays. He brought me to my favorite Christmas place, one that I would go to every year as a kid. It is called LaSalette Shrine. The Land Of Lights. It sits on an acre of land, and is covered in Christmas lights. Hundreds of thousands of Christmas lights. There is a lake in the middle of all of the lights. He decided to take a walk with me down a cement walkway to the middle of the small lake. I went thinking it was just going to be a sweet moment of alone time for the both of us. We walk to the middle of the frozen lake on the walkway. At that spot, you are surrounded in every direction in lights. On the ground, on the lake, in the trees, in the bushes, everywhere. It is an absolutely breath taking sight! Christmas carols were playing softly in the back ground, and I stood looking out over the lake memorized by all of the lights, caught up in such a wonderful moment. Thinking to myself, this could not get any better. But it surely did. I turned to look at him in his dress blues, and there he was on one knee asking me to be his wife. Of course I said yes! All of the folks in the area began to clap and swoon. It was the most magical moment I have ever experienced!