Kathryn and Kylan

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How We Met

We met at a Halloween party of a mutual friend. I was dressed as a deer (inspired by my favorite Snapchat filter) and he wasn’t wearing a costume. We were dancing in the driveway and I thought he was super cute and fun to be with. I decided I wanted to get his number. I had never asked for a guy’s number before. We danced for a bit, did the Thriller, and I asked him for his number before my roommates and I left for the next party of the night. He responded by saying “I was gonna ask you for yours!”

how they asked

We have a friend, Kate, who has been practicing photography. We had modeled for her once before and he told me we were going to again because the weather was getting nicer. The first time was in 2 feet of snow haha! We drove out to a secluded little beach on Utah Lake and it was GORGEOUS. We started taking pictures and everything was normal and fun. At a certain point, Kate told me to walk about 10 feet away and then run and jump into his arms.

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As I had my back turned, she slipped him the ring box (he had given it to her the night before to keep it more of a secret). I ran and jumped into his arms (in heels, might I add) and as we embraced he began to tell me how much he meant to me and how he never wants that to end. He got down on one knee and said “Kathryn, will you marry me?”

I stood there for a couple seconds in shock and then said “Yeah!! Put it on my hand!!” I have never felt more excited or happier than I did in that moment. Neither of us could stop smiling for the rest of the day.