Kathryn and Zachary

Marriage Proposal Ideas in In our serene backyard

How We Met

Zach and I met on a blind date by mutual friends at a diner over two years ago. I remember how nervous and shy I was when we met and how handsome he was dressed. While at the diner I figured I would switch it up from the normal go-to plate of chicken fingers to having Belgian waffles and ice cream. I’m a very picky eater and I did not want him thinking I was boring. We have a good conversation flowing and he does the unthinkable… he asks me if he can have a bite of MY FOOD! I absolutely do not share my food with anyone because you know germs. So I’m sitting there thinking oh great what do I do. I sucked it up and acting very confident, got a fork full of waffle and ice cream, was just about to give it to him and it falls off onto the table. We both ended up laughing so I wasn’t entirely embarrassed. I knew right then and there I would marry him, and little did I know, he wanted to as well.

how they asked

This may have you shed a little tear but don’t worry it’s the best proposal story you will ever hear. At the time I had my sweet dog named Gunner (above picture.) We were two peas in a pod. When I met Zach, we would always bring him to the nearby beach/dog park.

Proposal Ideas In our serene backyard

He loved walking the trails with us and meeting the cute little Shih tzus. Aka his girlfriends. Being so rambunctious and affectionate, everyone loved him. In January of 2017, he was diagnosed with Protein-losing enteropathy and Inflammatory bowel disease. Just only a few months after our old family dog Zeke passed away from cancer. IBD is passed down by genes and comes out in dogs as young as two years old. My Gunner was exactly two years old when we found out. We did everything to try and help him. We brought him to a specialist, who at first had faith. After the next few months, I can tell the vet had lost it. No medication was helping him and Gunner soon lost that spark in his eye. He passed away April of 2017, a month before his 3rd birthday. We lost two amazing dogs within half a year.

Now it’s May, my parents and Zach have secretly been in contact. Mom and dad one night went to the local shelter and picked out a dog. The next day was Mother’s Day…Gunner would have turned 3 today. It was a depressing time for my family and I as we dealt with grief still. We go to pick up and meet this adorable puppy named bear. A golden retriever/ yellow lab mix. He jumped all over me and I knew I was in love. Zach came over to meet the new addition to the family and I got suspicious when my dad was adjusting his collar.

He told me it’s just his new tag. I go inside and when I came back outside my parents asked me “Katie, what’s on his neck?” On his collar was a tag with Zach and I’s initials. On the back, it read “will you marry me?” I began to cry and kept saying “what??” Since I was so shocked. Zach said a beautiful speech, Bear ran up to us and that’s when I said YES! That day was the best day of my life. Now my family, fiancé and I have this huge white fur ball (picture above) who fills our hearts with laughter and love. We’re getting hitched 10/11/2019 and we cannot wait!