Kathryn and Zach

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How We Met

Zach and I grew up living about a 5 minute drive from each other for the majority of our lives. He transferred into my middle school, we had classes together, he was really sweet and very shy, and we hung out in large groups like most awkward middle schoolers do. As the years went on, we became very close in high school and there were definitely sparks aflyin’. I told my best friend that whoever ended up marrying Zach would be a very lucky woman because he is the most kind hearted and incredible human… at that time I didn’t think that we would become very serious. We began having weeknight hangout sessions that included watching Planet Earth, sitting next to each other on the same couch, waiting for someone to hold someone else’s hand, etc. After a year of casually flirting and watching season after season of Planet Earth, Zach and I did in fact become very serious, right in time for us to attend separate colleges across the country that included two flights and a drive to visit each other. After four trying years of long distance, we both moved back to the city where it all began, Dallas. Lucky for me, somehow fate had it that I would end up being that very lucky woman because here we are happily engaged, in the same city, and about to start the most exciting journey together. If you can make it through middle school and a long distance relationship, you’re destined for a long life of happiness and love.

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how they asked

Zach was finishing his last year of law school when he told me that he had been selected to give a speech on campus. There would be friends, family, and professors there so naturally I wanted to dress up, he even helped me pick out the perfect outfit! As we walked through the beautiful campus, completely illuminated with Christmas lights, I noticed that Zach was somewhat visibly shaking… I asked him if everything was alright and he blamed it on his nerves about the speech, which made perfect sense. As we reached the top steps of the building, he pulled me back and told me how thankful he was that I had come with him, how lucky he was to have me, and that he loved me. I thought to myself, wow how sweet and wonderfully unexpected his comment was. I gave him a good luck kiss, told him not to worry about the speech and that I loved him too, then proceeded to announce that we were going to be late and better hurry up. Next thing I knew, he pulled me back again and got down on one knee, presenting the most beautiful ring I had ever seen.

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I have never been in such a state of pure joy or complete surprise! Of course I said yes!!! We embraced, he put the ring on the wrong hand and I’m not sure either of us noticed for a while, then both of our families came pouring out of the building. After the tears dried, I realized that technically there was no “speech” but those very few words made it the happiest day of my life and will always be the best speech I’ve ever heard!

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Special Thanks

Tamytha Cameron
 | Photographer