Kathryn and Zac

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How We Met

If you ask Zac we met “the old fashioned way, online”. We met using a free dating website. I was still in IL hoping to move home to CO. He was here in CO. His first message to me was about one of my favorite movies, he asked if I knew that it was based off a TV show (Serenity and Firefly). We talked for 5 almost 6 months before we ever met in person. Since then we never looked back. We begun to take new adventures together and to grow together. And Serenity and Firefly still play a large role in our relationship(we went to Denver Comic-Con last year dressed as characters from the show).

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how they asked

He proposed on a Monday evening. I had had a long day and was getting home about an hour and a half later than normal. I pulled up and everything seemed like a normal day until I opened up the door to our new home. There he had a fire started, champagne in the table, twinkle lights hung, and him facing the fireplace in his dress pants, vest, and tie. As he turned around I could not help but have a quick “Titanic” Moment ( where Rose sees Jack turning around on the staircase and your heart melts). Well needless to say my heart melted. He got down on 1 knee and talked to me about how much he loved me and how he is so thankful that we found each other. He asked me to marry him and I started crying and said “yes.”

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Photographer: MacKenzi Knight Photography//Ceremony Location: Red Rocks Country Club//Caterer: Red Rocks Country Club//Reception Venue: Red Rocks Country Club//Dress Store: The Alter//Hair Stylist: Golden Roots Salon//Event Venue:Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre//