Kathryn and Tyler

How We Met

My friend and I were grabbing coffee at Dunkin Donuts on our way to see the Fourth of July fireworks. She recognized Tyler, as they had grown up in the same small town. He bought our coffee and chatted with us for a while before we went on our way for the night. A few days later, he ended up asking me out!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Woods Hole, MA

How They Asked

Every summer while at the Cape, we always find a weekend to get dressed up and take our family Christmas card photo. Once we finished, my sister was complaining about the alcohol selection in the house and wanted to head into town to get drinks. We took the scenic route along the waterfront park. My sister’s friend received a phone call, so they stepped aside to take it, and we kept walking. Suddenly, Tyler stopped and got down on one knee … which he often does in the grocery store and many other random places as a joke. So I laughed and kept walking. He says, “This time is not a joke”. I whipped around to see that he was holding a black round box. At this point, I completely blacked out and cannot remember a thing he said.

Kathryn's Proposal in Woods Hole, MA

As he stood up and slid the ring on my finger, he asked “Well, Are you going to say yes?” To which I replied, “YES! I’ve only waited 10 years for this!”. My sister and her friend jumped out from behind the bushes that they were hiding in. They photographed the whole event!

We proceeded to get drinks before heading back to celebrate with our family (and fur baby, Charlie).

Special Thanks

Allie (Sister of the Bride / Maid of Honor)
 | Moral Support / Planner / Photographer