Kathryn and Timothy's Magical Disney Proposal

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How We Met

Tim and I met in Lima, Peru on a missions trip in 2014. He caught my eye and I caught his…and I wish I could say that the rest is history BUT 2014 was a hard year for me, so after talking for a while I eventually friend-zoned him (I know! I’m terrible!). We stayed friends of course through that beautiful beast called social media (thank you Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!). Fast forward one year – Tim is my project director on a missions trip in the Dominican Republic. I was SO excited when I found out. I still had a thing for him and was secretly hoping he might still like me. I would later discover he had pulled some strings to be on the same team with me because this was his “last chance” to break out of the friend-zone. After that trip we never stopped talking! We knew that we wanted to change the world together. So after meeting in two different countries we finally had a first date in the United States! I’ve never met anyone so driven and full of vision while at the same time so passionate about people – his drive is his love for people and the task never becomes greater than the why. Tim is the best man I know.

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how they asked

At the end of January 2016 my boss came into the office I share with my sister and surprised the both of us with a trip to Florida and a one day pass to The Magic Kingdom at Disney World. We were ecstatic! We LOVE Disney. I immediately called Tim to share the news and he was just as stoked as I was. This was going to be the best three-day-mini-vacation ever! A month later we landed in Florida and met up with my brother who just happened to be vacationing at the same time. The next day we entered the Magic Kingdom and lived it up! Frontierland, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Liberty Square, Storybook Circus – we walked 18k steps. It was amazing. I was snapping Tim the entire time but he wasn’t responding – I assumed he was having a busy work day. I kept telling my sister that I wished he had been able to come with us. I missed him. How could I have known the entire thing was all a ruse put in play by Tim himself!

My brother had been pretty insistent about getting good spots for the fireworks and how he especially wanted to walk through the castle. So around five o’clock we headed that way. We walked through the castle and I admired the mosaics, Audra pulled out her video camera so I cheesed it up – we were having a grand ole time. I was having so much fun that as I walked down the little magical path to the bottom of the castle I didn’t notice the mass of people staring expectantly at me. I was oblivious to the clapping as we finally managed our way to the front of the castle, and I was STILL without a clue even when Audra pushed me towards the front. It wasn’t until she pushed me forward the second time that I met eyes with Tim. I couldn’t believe it. My entire body was swept over with heat and chills and for a moment I couldn’t feel my body! It was so surreal. Feeling a bit like jello, I walked to meet my own real-life fairy tale come true, and surrounded by the happiest people in the world, my brother and sister, and his closest friend – Tim got down on a knee and asked me to marry him.

I have never been so shocked, thrilled, excited, emotional and completely taken off guard. It was perfect. To find out that from November of 2015 he had been concocting this perfectly executed plan made me feel so cherished and loved. Everything was his idea from start to finish. It was my honor to ease his nerves and say, “YES!” Although, I don’t remember saying it :D We ended the night eating INSIDE THE CASTLE – a dream come true, becoming Galactic Heroes, taking a ferry ride, and just being together enjoying our first day as fiances!

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