Kathryn and Tibor

how we met

We first met in our high school chemistry class. Tibor was new to the school and all my classmates and I thought, “Who is this new kid and what kind of a name is Tibor??” In that class, he used to nonstop talk to me, ask for my help, and use any means necessary to get my attention… I used to think he was so annoying! At the end of the following summer, we went on our first date and the rest is history!

how they asked

During my first year of college, we were doing long-distance but I would often come home on the weekends to be with Tibor! We had a whole bucket list of fun things planned over fall break, including carving our initials into a heart in a tree on his family’s property at our campsite in the woods. After that, we continued to camp our there in the summers, as well as take walks and drives over there. On our third anniversary, we went for a typical walk, but there were HUNDREDS of flowers all around the base of the tree… before I could understand what was going on, Tibor was down on one knee and he asked me to marry him! I was totally surprised, although I knew he had been ring shopping. Of course I said yes! Then, we took the walk back to the house where his family was waiting for congratulate us (his mom and sister had been the ones that set up all of the flowers while we had our nice anniversary breakfast!). I was so happy that he proposed without anyone else there because it made the moment so special and personal.

Special Thanks

Lindsay Dawn Photography
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Penitentiary Glen Nature Center
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