Kathryn and Shane

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How We Met

Shane and I met while attending the University of Arizona. He was on the lacrosse team and I was the college mascot, Wilma Wildcat. I knew of him through my roommate and college best friend Erin since her brother was on the lacrosse team too and we would go to the games and parties. Shane and I ended up having a medical sociology class in the Harvill building and that’s when our friendship really started. We would sit next to each other and play Sudoku during class. Well, he would play Sudoku, and I would time him to see how fast he could complete each puzzle. The fact that he could complete a high difficulty puzzle in minutes flat was insane to me and I needed to get to know this guy more.

We kept in touch as friends but realized we both wanted something more. For Shane’s 2nd year of law school he transferred back to the U of A in Tucson where I was still living and trying to find a job after graduation. We went on our first date to a University of Arizona vs. Arizona State rival basketball game in Phoenix, 2 hours from Tucson. When telling my mom my plans, she asked if I was sure I wanted to spend 4 hours total in the car with someone on a first date for fear it wouldn’t go well but I was sure. An exciting basketball game, many laughs and what felt like only a 30 minute ride later, I knew we officially needed to start dating. I called my mom after and told her that it was such a breath of fresh air to be able to have an intelligent conversation with someone who was so smart.

We made it official and 2 months later I got an amazing job opportunity back home in Los Angeles. We decided it was best that I accept the position and I headed home while Shane stayed in Arizona to complete law school. We talked every single day and I flew out to Arizona every other weekend to visit. It was a long 2 years of dating long distance but we only grew stronger through it all. Shane graduated from law school and moved to Los Angeles in 2012 to be with me a few months later. We moved in together and have enjoyed adventures together ever since.

how they asked

Every fall we head back to Tucson for homecoming at the U of A. Shane plays in the Alumni lacrosse game and I enjoy being Wilma Wildcat for a quarter during the football game. We took our 7th trip back in October. On the day of the football game I kept reminding Shane that I was going to be Wilma during the 1st quarter and to please gather our friends and make sure he’s at the game on time (tailgating can be distracting!). He assured me they would all be there at the start of the game.

I got suited up as Wilma and went out to re-live my glory days. I ran out for the opening with the football team and interacted with the band. I memorized Shane’s seat number ahead of time and headed up there so that we could take our annual photo together. I was so excited to see him, our college friend took our annual photo and unbeknownst to me, our friend then started recording a video. I was about to walk back down to the field when all of a sudden I turn around and Shane is on one knee with a customized U of A ring box open, the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen showing, and he’s asking me to marry him.

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I was hysterically crying in a furry costume all while trying to keep in character at the same time! He hugged me and I said yes hoping he could hear me through a wildcat costume and over the crowd cheering for us. He then pointed a few rows down and to my surprise, my mom, dad and sister flew to Arizona to witness the whole thing. I lost it!

I immediately went to change so that I could see my now fiance in person. As I was walking out, Shane was down on one knee, on the football field proposing to me again! My sister rented a professional camera, learned how to use it and was down on the field capturing the big day. After the 2nd proposal, the amazing U of A band was chanting, “She said yes! She said yes!” while the crowd was going wild.

Shane and my sister Karyn secretly packed my favorite dress so that we could do an engagement photo shoot on campus the next day. The University of Arizona is our special place and I couldn’t imagine getting engaged anywhere else. We’re getting married in February 2018, on the same exact date as our first date, and we are overwhelmed with excitement to share our lives together.