Kathryn and Rajiv

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How We MEt

Rajiv and I met when we were 16 in our hometown of Plymouth, Michigan. As much as it would be fun to pretend it was love at first sight – that is not how our story goes. Rajiv was in a high-school band, TwentyforSeven. They were known for their punk hair-cuts, skinny jeans, and their fan-girls. I was into sports, country music, and sneaking out with my girlfriends. I often saw him at my parents’ local ice cream store, and popular high school hangout, the Dairy King. I always thought he was cute, aside from his hysterical haircut, but we never struck up a conversation outside of the standard Facebook “happy birthdays.”

Fast forward 3 years later and we both entered our first year of college at Eastern Michigan University. I began to see him more on campus….he was hard to miss on his skateboard. Late one night I decided to message him, “Why are you so good-looking?” It still makes me cringe to this day. His reply was snarky with just the right amount of interest. We chatted on and off, nothing serious. A few months later the conversation became more flirtatious and I couldn’t believe I was starting to crush on a guy that I had nothing in common with in high school.

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He asked me to meet at our local coffee house (we didn’t drink coffee) on a Thursday night. We arrived, sat down, and and were politely asked to leave as they were closing. No problem, right? Except it was in the middle of a Michigan winter. We walked around, teeth chattering, and talked about everything from music to past “relationships.” I went home with a huge grin on my face and knew there was something special about this guy.

Most of our friends and families likely didn’t think our relationship would last long, but that is the beauty of it all. We had our fair share of ups and downs as any young couple does but it has made our partnership real, genuine, and passionate. We had to fight for our future as we grew up from 19 year older to college graduates with dreams. In 2016 we moved to Los Angeles to pursue Rajiv’s music career and I was able to land my dream job at Wags and Walks dog rescue. Our family has now grown to 3 with our son – our 2 year old pit bull, Jax.

Rajiv’s latest song “Empty Whiskey Glass” is written about how we met and includes our relationship in the music video.

how they asked

After 6.5 years of dating, we were both exhausted with the “why aren’t you engaged yet!?” questions. We live together, adopted a dog together, and by all accounts – felt married. Though we both knew we wanted the wedding, marriage, and kids – we wanted it to be on our own time. So when we booked our trip home to Michigan for our standard summer trip – an engagement was not on my mind. Rajiv, however, had been working with my sister, Elizabeth, on the perfect proposal for us.

We arrived on a Friday to be in-town for my family reunion complete with 60 aunts, uncles, and cousins. After initial hugs and catching up, my sister had hired a photographer to capture all of the families together. At the end of the photo session, my usually shy Rajiv moved to the middle of the group and called for a silly photo. I didn’t follow him out as I had no idea what the man was doing.

He continued to wave me over and with mass amount of confusion on my face I tried to follow what he was talking about. I then heard one of our favorite song come over the loud speakers “Kiss Me Slowly” by Parachute followed by him saying, “you know you’re my favorite person,” and it dawned on me that it was happening. I then proceeded to hit him rather hard in the chest and yell “ARE YOU DOING THIS?” – because why wouldn’t that be my reaction?

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He went down to one knee, and I followed, which has to be my favorite part of it all because it encompasses our equal partnership and support of each other. As it started to sink in, Rajiv’s family emerged from the pine trees with our pup, Jax, and the tears started all over again. We popped champagne and thanked everyone for (somehow) not blowing the surprise. We were able to celebrate the rest of the day surrounded by family and friends – exactly the way we wanted.

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