Kathryn and Michael

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Paris

How We Met

Michael and I met after a friend of mine invited me on a ‘double date’. Being a top wing woman i agreed to go even though I’d never met or even seen Michael before, it was a complete blind date and i genuinely didn’t know what to expect! From the minute i met Michael i knew i wanted to see him again; not only is he extremely easy on the eye but he is also hilarious. As the saying goes “If you can make a woman laugh you can make her do anything”, after a couple of bottles of wine and a delicious Italian meal me and Michael exchanged numbers. Sadly, my friend and her date didn’t quite hit it of as well as we did and didn’t go on a second date. Me and Michael texted literally every day and we dated again a few days later. Since meeting we have never been apart and our relationship has grown from strength to strength. After a couple of weeks i knew Michael was “the one”, we had a spark i’d never experienced before, we grew closer and closer and decided we would introduce our children to each other. Michael has a son and i have a son from previous relationships; both similar in age. We took the boys to an outdoor play area and ice cream parlor and they absolutely loved each other! They was best friends from the minute they met. ‘When you know you know’ so a couple of months after meeting, Michael and I went on our first couples holiday, after 6 months we decided we would take our relationship to the next step and move in together. We knew we wanted to be together forever and our family blended together perfectly. Our house runs on love and laughter and i’m so glad the boys have each other as siblings and best friends.

how they asked

Christmas day 2016 Michael surprised me with a letter that explained on the 10th February 2017 he was taking me on a trip to Amsterdam and Venice! Two of my ‘Bucket List’ cities!! I couldn’t have been happier and spent the next few months planning our itinerary; what i wanted to see, where i wanted to go, what restaurants i wanted to try. The 4 days we spent in Amsterdam and Venice were beyond perfect; we must have eaten our body weight in pizza, we saw some beautiful places and i got my wish of riding in a Gondola! On Valentines day i was on a bit of an anticlimax as i believed it was the day we would be travelling home. Looking for our flights back to Liverpool on the airport flight schedule board i couldn’t see our returning flight. I genuinely thought Michael had brought us to the wrong airport or got the wrong flight time; until he told me to look at the board at the Flight for 2pm. It was going to Charles de Gaulle!!!! I could not believe it. He was taking me to PARIS on VALENTINES DAY! I was in complete shock, i couldn’t stop smiling. He was making all of my dreams come true!! We landed in Paris and decided to go for a walk to the Eiffel Tower; i’d never seen it before and as the sun was setting Michael was keen to show me the Tower when it lights up and sparkles. We had a walk around and decided to sit on a bench near to the tower. We chatted about our relationship and how lucky we both felt to have met each other; the experience was so romantic and still filled with emotions from the surprise of coming to Paris i just felt like the luckiest lady in the world. Michael said “Should we walk to a near by restaurant then for some tea” As i was getting ready to stand to my complete and utter surprise he GOT DOWN ON ONE KNEE and asked me to be his wife!!! My heart was in my mouth, it was the most amazing, stunning, romantic experience i could have ever wished for and a complete and utter surprise. Of course i said YES to marrying my best friend and soul mate!!! After we’d had our moment a lovely lady and her fiance walked over to us and advised they had taken some pictures for us. We couldn’t have been more grateful; the couple was from Miami and they’d also just got engaged by the Tower. The whole experience was out of this world. I genuinely didn’t sleep that night i was that excited and overwhelmed. We booked our engagement party when we returned and have since booked our wedding for the 31st May 2019 in Cyprus!!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Paris

Life couldn’t be any better, all of my dreams have come true.