Kathryn and Lincoln

how we met

We met at friend’s house in high school – he was a Sophomore and I was a Junior. A few weeks later, he asked me out with a bouquet of roses in our high school parking lot. We dated for nine years throughout high school, college, and the transition to adult life. He is truly my high school sweetheart.

how they asked

It was a huge surprise. In June 2018 we went to Tuscany for a vacation and had just celebrated our nine year dating anniversary. Days before we left Lincoln told me that everyone kept asking him if he was going to propose in Italy, and he realized that I might be expecting the same thing and didn’t want me to be disappointed when he didn’t. I was appreciative that I knew not to expect it, but was definitely a little disappointed. On June 13th (our lucky number), we slept in, made breakfast together, and then walked to the top of the small village of Collodi, Italy to enjoy the view and our coffee. We sat on the bench for a few minutes and when I got up to look at the view, Lincoln got down on one knee. I immediately started crying and said “yes!” before he got the chance to ask. He did officially ask me after I stopped crying. For the next ten days, we celebrated throughout Italy, waiting to tell our family and friends until we got home. We were able to truly be together and reflect on all that we’d be through, and even brought home a bottle of wine to open on our 13th anniversary!

Special Thanks

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