Kathryn and Kevin

How We Met: We both had known one another as acquaintances in college. I always thought he was cute but I never saw him enough to try and talk with him. We both graduated- he went back home to south Louisiana for graduate school and I went to Dallas, TX for PA school. My first semester in he wished me a happy birthday and we made small talk through Facebook- I know how romantic.

Facebook messaging lead to texting which lead to phone calls. Three months later we had our fist date in Shreveport and there was no doubt this guy was something special. This man continues to amaze me and I feel truly blessed that he decided to send me a Facebook message :)

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how they asked: We had been planning this trip for almost a year. His sister lives in Ireland and for my ‘graduation present’ from PA school he would take me there. We decided to go over St. Patrick’s Day week. Day four of our trip we went to the Cliffs of Moher. After walking around for about 30 minutes, Kevin pulls me aside and starts with- “You know how much I love you and I told you there was only one thing I wanted to change about you and that was your last name…” he said a few other things but I couldn’t tell you because I was so excited.

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When he got down on one knee and asked I was beside myself- I get to marry my best friend. It was a perfect trip with family and great friends and one that will never get old telling.

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