Kathryn and Kenna

How We Met

We met a little over two years ago at a mutual friend’s birthday party. He had been following me on Instagram for a little while, prior to our meeting (but he received no follow back hahaha). We played games all day at the birthday party and naturally gravitated towards each other. There was definitely a draw between us and as I reflect, I think it was a spiritual connection. We had a great time fellowshipping with our friends and eventually the night came to an end. No phone numbers exchanged, but that night, I followed him back. We chatted for a bit platonically. I soon learned a few weeks later, that he was talking to another girl and made her his girlfriend. Well, I thought, maybe that was just great chemistry we had and I could definitely see us becoming great friends and doing ministry together in the future. A few months rolled by and unexpectedly and sadly, his girlfriend past away. I reached out to him and sent him my condolences and offered to support him in any way I could. Two months later we had been texting quite frequently and that connection that I felt the day I met him, got even stronger. At the beginning of the new year, we did everything together! We went to worship services together, hiked together, went to my little brother’s basketball games. I mean we even started reading a book together. I loved spending time with this man. His spirit brought so much light and life. He was beautiful. I truly believed that this was it. This was short lived. Even though we were mindful of his healing process, he still wasn’t prepared for the journey God was getting ready to take him on. We stopped talking real suddenly, which took me by surprise. We had only talked for a month, but I connected with him in a way I had never connected with any other guy before. It was a real friendship. I really dove even harder into my relationship with Christ and began seeing more of who God was calling me to be.

Six months later, I began talking to someone new, but there was something missing. We were unequally yoked spiritually and where God was taking my life, wasn’t the same place He was taking his. After about three to four months, things ended. Thank God it did! At the beginning of the new year once again, and Kenna (my now fiancé) and I started talking up again, only every now and again. Just as friends. I didn’t think anything would come of it; I was fooled. We picked up right where we left off a year ago, by attending services together and going to group outings. The sparks began to fly once again. And praise Jesus he was healed and whole! I think God works in amazing ways because while he was healing, God was revealing to me, His purpose for me. It all had to happen in the right timing and in His timing. We officially started talking in May 2018 and on June 28th, 2018 he asked me to be his girlfriend. We knew that this was a union that God had brought together and we started to talk about marriage, even before we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend. One of my favorite things about Kenna is that he created a safe space for me to be me. My authentic and real self. Even the ugly things about myself, he accepted, gracefully corrected and lovingly encouraged me to be better. I knew that he was the one. There was something different about him from the first day I met him.

how they asked

The first idea he had for a proposal was going to be at a dinner with our mutual friends, but when my girlfriend encouraged me to invite my family, I knew something was up. (Kenna knew I wanted my family to be present at my proposal and recorded). I casually asked him about it one day before the dinner happened and ruined the surprise. So he got creative. Really creative, because I was a hard one to surprise. His words were, “I was too inquisitive”. Well, August 22nd, 2018 he caught me completely off guard! I had a super long day at work, working with two-year-olds at a preschool and arrived home around 6 pm. My brothers showed up about ten minutes later from their trip to Washington. So we decided to play one game of Uno. We’re all pretty competitive and the game got intense! My mom looked at the time and saw that is was 7:15.

Bible study started at 7, so we were late (an intense game of Uno will do that to you). We rushed and jumped into two cars to head to Bible study. Towards the end of bible study, my Pastor always randomly chooses on people to pray. When he chose Kenna, I immediately didn’t think anything of it. Kenna started to act a little strange and stepped outside for a minute. I was confused because he’s a youth pastor; he’s used to praying on the spot. As he began to close out in prayer, he started to thank God for me and our relationship. I heard his voice getting closer and closer to where I was standing and when I looked up, there he was in front of me and everyone at church, fidgeting in his backpack to grab the ring while praying to God about me. It was an experience I can’t even explain. I looked over to my right and saw his whole family standing in the doorway with their phones out recording and I immediately started to cry. My pastor helped him put the proposal in motion. He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Of course, I said yes! I soon learned that everyone had known and no one gave me any type of heads up to shower, change or do something with my hair. I looked a hot mess! But that’s what made it even more real to me, he didn’t need me to be all glammed up. He was satisfied with me and I can’t wait to start this new journey together. Oh and by the way, both of our initials will be K.P. #KPforever

Our Video

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Gregory Sanders
 | Videographer