Kathryn and Keegan

Kathryn and Keegan's Engagement in At home

How We Met

We actually dated for a short time back in 2010. Then 3 years later I went car shopping and walked into where he was working, and the look on his face was priceless! I ended up reaching out to him to thank him for helping me and his response was “where have you been” and the rest is history!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in At home

How They Asked

We have been together for a little over 5 years now. It’s been on the radar that it was time! He knew the exact ring I wanted and when it came the time we went to the jewelry store together and ordered it. Weeks went by and I was anxiously waiting for it to be picked up. Finally, the day came! We hosted Christmas this year so I thought he would do it in front of our family. Nope! So I thought okay this isn’t happening today.

Wrong! Just as we were about to sit down and relax, our 10-month-old Frenchie jumps up to sit with me and I noticed something on her but didn’t really pay attention. Then I really noticed the string around her neck and there it was, my ring I’ve been dreaming about for eternity it felt like! He was down on one knee and took the ring and asked will you marry me, babe?! I screamed and jumped up and said yes!!!!