Kathryn and Justin

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How We Met

Justin and I met at work! I had just been offered a job at Twitter when I landed another interview for Airbnb. Since I was an avid traveler, I used Airbnb much more often than I did Twitter – so I thought why not? I moved to San Francisco that very weekend, with just one suitcase, my puppy, and the car in tow. What a life-changing decision that turned out to be!

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I was so scared and alone. The city was much different from what I was used to (Dallas, Vegas, and Southern California). I arrived at HQ on Monday morning feeling sick to my stomach. Two new co-workers greeted me in the lobby and took me up to the fourth-floor canteen where they showed me how to make a breakfast panini. Around 10:00 am I saw this 6’5 model of a man, in a grey hoodie with headphones on, walking towards me as I awkwardly ate my sandwich.

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He smiled at me, but then only spoke to the co-workers he knew. I could tell he liked me by the way he looked back at me; it was honestly love at first sight. He then took down his hood and asked if I was Kathryn. I nervously nodded my head and he handed me a laptop. “Come on, let’s go meet the team!” At this point, I still wasn’t sure if he worked in HR or who he was going to be in relation to my new position. To tell you the truth, I couldn’t even bring myself to say anything back to him.

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He then took a few other new-hires, and myself, over to our new desks. This is when I discovered that I was going to be sitting right next to him.. and would be his direct report. I wanted to just die right then and there. He handed me an Airbnb Moleskin and a card that said KAT on the front of it. I still have that card in the glove box of my car, along with a sticky note that reads “Reserved for Tibby”, which is my sweet little Yorkie!

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As we walked down the hallway together for the official office tour, my best friend texted me to check-in on how my first day was going. I responded to Jessalyn with just one simple text: “I’m going to marry this guy”. That was August 17th, 2015..

When you know, you know – right?

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How They Asked

After many magical years living together in New York City, Justin & I decided to take another leap of faith over to Miami to purchase our first home.

We had just spent the most wonderful week at the historic and iconic Biltmore Hotel. Just like any other weekend, we slept in and were enjoying a late morning. As we were packing up to check-out of our suite, Justin told me he had made me a reservation at the hotel spa while he was going to go golfing on the property. Confused, I said, “No it’s okay. I am happiest just hanging here with Tibby” (our Yorkie).

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Justin encouraged me to go to the appointment as I had been stressed out with the closing of our new house. He took our bags down to the car looking as cute as ever in his little Sunday outfit. It was a beautiful, beaming day. I had the most enjoyable time at the spa and then texted Justin afterward that I wanted to go swimming. I said, “should we use the pool here or go to South Beach?” He suggested that we take some photos with T before I got my hair wet. I was thrilled that he remembered that I wanted to get some nice photos; parts of the property reminded me of the lovely time we spent together in Morocco. I started to change my clothes when Justin texted me that he had found a good spot for a photo behind the golf course, and to come down as soon as I could.

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Little did I know, Justin along with four different vendors (photographer, videographer, florist, and violinists) had been sweating in the sun waiting on a way to get me downstairs for hours now! Clueless, I took my sweet time chatting on the phone while doing my makeup. I absolutely love matching in photos, so I ended up putting on a light pink bodysuit with a delicate cream maxi skirt. The funny part is, I paired this outfit with white sneakers because I needed to walk my dog first!

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As I was walking T off-the-leash, three different families stopped me to compliment how cute and well behaved he was. Justin later told me that he was panicking from afar every time somebody stopped me! I started to walk up the back of the golf course, where I saw a violinist in the distance. Being nosey, I wanted to go see what was going on. As I got closer, I realized she was playing the tune “Late for the Date” from one of our favorite movies, La La Land.

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From there, everything else is a blur. I suddenly realized she was playing that song for me. Quickly, I threw T’s leash and my cell phone in a bush nearby. I remember when I saw Justin walking towards me from the other building, the ground covered in rose petals, I started to immediately tear up. Justin held my hand and told me how much he loved me and how special building our life together has been thus far. When he got down on one knee, I burst into immense tears. I was overcome with all the emotions! When I rewatch the video now, it looks like my chest is about to burst as I take the biggest deep breath out. This all has truly been such a dream come true.

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I really cannot believe he pulled off such a perfect surprise!!!! I usually hate surprises, but without a shadow of a doubt, I can now say that I absolutely adore them. I would have never thought of violinists for a proposal myself – that was an unreal, beautiful touch by J. He was so proud to tell me that he planned every moment and detail himself. I am so lucky to have such thoughtful and dreamy finance; we will cherish November 15th, 2020 forever. XOXO

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