Kathryn and Johnny

how we met

Johnny and I first met online. After getting to know each other the best we could, we decided to meet for our first date where he picked me up and went to the Hillsborough County Fair.

how they asked

My niece and nephew grew very close to Johnny. On Thanksgiving, he introduced the kids to Magic and ever since then they’ve been obsessed. About a month later, I drove to West Palm by myself to attend my sister’s 30th and nephew’s 5th birthday party on December 15th. The night prior, the kids wanted to show me a magic trick they wanted to perform during the party. The trick was to hold a black sheet over the front door. My niece on one side, my nephew on the other. He was going to make my niece “disappear”.The night of the party everybody (excluding Johnny because he had to work) was gathering to watch the show. When the sheet dropped, there was Johnny and our dog Conine on the other end and all I can remember hearing were the words “Kathryn Lynn Swindell, Will you marry me?” I was in such shock, I turned away but then realized what was happening…. I SAID YES and that was the beginning of a new adventure.

Special Thanks

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