Kathryn and Israel

How We Met

We started dating after meeting in gym class junior year of high school. I accidentally hit him with a badminton racquet a few times, but he definitely forgave me. We were very different people but instantly clicked and have been partners in crime ever since.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Keswick Vineyards

Kathryn and Israel's Engagement in Keswick Vineyards

How They Asked

Over 10 years later we took a trip to Virginia wine country with our dog, and he got down on one knee in the vineyard and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said yes, and to be careful not to spill his wine! We were so excited and really only managed to get one picture together since we immediately went back to the wine tasting room to share the news. The winemaker even sent us home with a few bottles for anniversaries that I can’t wait to try together. We’re getting married in November and we could not be more excited to finally “make it official.” Our families are just as excited to make it official, as we’ve both been welcomed into the family long ago.