Kathryn and Ian

How We Met

Ian and I met on a double date… with other people (oops!). We were introduced to each other through a mutual friend.

After that double date, we saw each other every once in a while on campus, and would stop to make small talk. About a year after that double date, we found ourselves both single!

I will never forget the day that Ian gave me his number… yes, you read that right. He didn’t ask for mine, he gave me his! I was walking to the dining hall, and he was chatting with a friend on a bench near the library. He saw me and started waving like a maniac, but I wasn’t sure if he was actually waving at me or someone behind me. I had headphones in so I couldn’t hear him yelling my name! Once I figured out he wanted to talk to me, I turned to walk towards him… and immediately almost smacked face-first into a jogger that seemingly came out of nowhere! “Smooth, Kathryn…” I thought to myself.

After recovering from that almost-extremely-embarrassing encounter, I strolled over to the bench. We made our usual small talk, and his friend left to go to class. We started walking across the plaza, and he said something along the lines of, “You look really pretty today… HERE, I’m gonna give you my number!” I barely had time to pull out my phone before he started reciting the numbers for me. I will admit, that’s part of the reason I decided to actually text him. He seemed so sweet, and I wanted to keep talking!

We went on a few dates, and soon after he started asking me to be his girlfriend. For some reason, I kept saying that I didn’t want us to move too fast, and asked him to wait. Finally, I decided to follow my heart and go for it after he asked me for the third time to be his girlfriend! (He has never let me live that down.) Our official dating anniversary is September 12, 2016!

how they asked

My best friend Liz and her husband Augie came home for the holidays, and we planned a double date! Every year, a theme park near our town creates a “Christmas Town” by shutting down all the rides and covering everything in Christmas lights, fake snow, and anything else Christmas-related. It was our first time going, and it was beautiful! We walked around for a few hours, enjoying the sights, and then Augie pulled us aside to take a few quick pictures. He brought his camera with him because he has his own videography business, so I thought nothing of it. He took a few pictures of Liz and I, and then Ian joined me. I had my hand on his chest in our typical “couple pose,” and I noticed that his heart was thudding like a hammer. I didn’t question it though, as I was just focused on getting a good Christmas-y picture. The next thing I know, Ian turned to me, dropped to one knee, and pulled out the ring!

Proposal Ideas Christmas Town at Busch Gardens

He said some extremely sweet words that I will cherish forever, and then used my full name to ask me to marry him! I was tearing up, and of course I said yes. He slipped the most beautiful ring on my finger, and I think I stood there in shock for a minute just staring at it!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Christmas Town at Busch Gardens

He pulled off the most perfect proposal, one that I had literally dreamed of. He then told me that he had been keeping the proposal a secret from me for almost two months! My best friend and her husband had been in on it the whole time, and Liz had worked especially hard to throw me off guard when I came close to guessing that it was going to happen soon!

After Liz and I hugged and squealed over what had just happened, we all headed over to Das Festhaus to celebrate. It was nice to be able to sit with my fiancé and friends while I came to terms with the fact that I can actually start wedding planning now!

After we finished our food and drinks, we took a skyride over the park. It was amazing to get an aerial view of all the twinkling lights! I kept telling Ian over and over how perfect this night was… I think he was just happy that he didn’t have to propose three times!

Special Thanks

August McCue
 | Photographer