Kathryn and Eduardo

How We Met

We met salsa dancing!

How They Asked

I wanted to do something that was unique and outdoors. I found Las Olas Gondola browsing through the web, gave them a call and thought a gondola ride with champagne or wine along the Ft Lauderdale River would be pretty cool. I had a gift bag with memories from our time together and during the gondola ride I was going to show them to Kathryn one by one while we reminisced. I contacted Romance On The Go to decorate the dock where the gondola arrives with flower petals and candles shaped like a heart with a sign that says “Marry Me?”. Originally, that was the plan. We would go on the gondola ride and I would propose once we arrived. However, it rained all day that day, and the next, so I had to change my plans and try to find another way of doing my proposal. In the end, I asked her to dress up for a surprise, went to Fort Lauderdale River in the morning to walk around, asked her to close her eyes once we got there while I guided her to the decorated dock (she thought we were getting on a yacht), took her to the center of the heart, got down on one knee with the ring and popped the question. Later that day, we went back for our romantic gondola ride.


Special Thanks

Cortiella Photography
 | Photography
Romance on The Go
 | Event Planning
Las Olas Gondola
 | Event Venue
backdrop creations 4u
 | Décor