Kathryn and Dylan

How We Met

Our love story begins at Virginia Tech in the small town of Blacksburg, Virginia. At first we thought it was so crazy that our paths crossed, but now 6 years later, we now know if was meant to be. Dylan and I grew up 800 miles apart from eachother. Him in Augusta county, Va and me in rural, Northern Vermont. When I came to Virginia tech in 2014, Dylan was already a sophomore. On Halloween night, Dylan and I first locked eyes.. He came up to me and tried to introduce himself but couldn’t find many words. We both instantly felt this overwhelming connection and everything around us, for a moment, seemed to stop. The rain was pouring down that night, but we went outside to talk to eachother. As we were walking out, Dylan tripped in a mud puddle and accidently pulled me down with him. We sat there and laughed for a while, him dressed up as Matt Dillon from Gunsmoke and I was dressed as Pocahontas. Dylan asked me out to breakfast the next week and everything continued on from there.

How They Asked

Dylan knows me very well. He knows my love for the farm that I grew up on where I made so many of my favorite memories in my life. Dylan got my whole family in on the plan… It was a long memorial weekend in 2019 when Dylan and I were visiting my family in Vermont. My dad had called me and asked me to come to the farm to help look for a cow that “got out” in the field. I had been to this field many times, and it has the most gorgeous view of the Vermont mountains, and I have always dreamed of building my home there one day. Anyways, I went into full farmgirl mode and was on the search to find this missing cow. Telling Dylan where we should look, and where the cows usually end up. Once we got to the top of the hill, Dylan got down on one knee and took me by complete surprise.


Special Thanks

Anne Mientka Photography
 | Photography
Vermont Swiss and Bloom Farm
 | Location