Kathryn and Dushyant

Image 1 of Kathryn and Dushyant

How We Met

Dushyant and I met when I joined his team at our prior company. I walked into the room and my first thought was “Oh crap, he’s so cute”. We then got to know each other by working on projects together, where I convinced him he should grow out his hair and beard. Eventually, a group of us from work went to a beerfest where Dushyant kept trying to hang out with me and impress me with his beer knowledge. Our fate was sealed after we headed to a restaurant after the beerfest and talked all night over margaritas and nachos. We secretly (to our coworkers!) dated for almost a year before he switched companies and we could let the cat out of the bag!

Dushyant signed up for a half marathon to impress me/get to know me more. It worked! Now we work out together every day!

how they asked

It all started easy enough, Dushyant was headed out of town with Trevor on a golf trip, I was headed to the ‘burbs to hang out with some old coworker-friends for the night. Things were going swimmingly until Natalia made the unfortunate mistake of asking me where Dushyant was that night. I responded “oh! its so cute! Dushyant and Trevor are driving to WI and back, golfing along the way!” which made Natalia stop in her tracks. Not wanting to alarm me, she proceeded carefully, “Hm, Trevor was at work today…” to which I was convinced Natalia was just confusing Trevor with every other white male that works in tech. However, Natalia and Trevor have met and she was not mistaken. Trevor was indeed at work and not wth Dushyant…

I knew in the back of my mind that I shouldn’t push it but I needed to solve the puzzle. So I called Dushyant, “Kanna, where are you? Where is Trevor?”. Dushyant did his best attempt to mimic Trevors distinct voice and manner of speak, but I was not convinced. Dushyant just started laughing, shocked he made it this far into the surprise, and just said simply, “Im hanging up, Ill send you a picture. You’ll laugh. See you tomorrow. I love you”. And with that, the picture came in – a picture of her parents dogs and her parents in NJ. In complete shock, I fell to the floor crying tears of happiness and confusion. How did he get those pictures?! Is he in NEW JERSEY!? How?!

Alas, Dushyant had secretly flown to NJ to spend a weekend golfing with my parents and asking for their blessing to join the family. Back in IL, I was given strict instructions to follow upon returning home from the suburbs. Under the mattress was a stack of sticky notes with a scavengar hunt. Kathryn found the dress she wore on their first date, got ready, completed the clues, and ultimately hailed a cab to The Purple Pig, where they’d had their first official date. There, Dushyant waited at the end of the high tables with a smile, a kiss, and some choice words that would forever change their life.

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Special Thanks

Katie Forbis
 | Photographer