Kathryn and Chase

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How We Met

Chase and I met as freshmen in college. We were taking Chemistry lab together, and he had this funny little habit of breaking his glassware (I would later learn that he had a full blown collection going, and would ask to borrow mine as a conversation starter). If he knew then that my awkward stares in his direction were just how I tended to daydream about his pretty blue eyes, he probably wouldn’t have seen the need to go to such lengths to come over to my desk.

how they asked

After a few years of platonic friendship, we decided to try our luck at a relationship. We had been dating for a year and a half when we planned to go on an Outdoorsy adventure. We spent 10 days in Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks hiking and driving through the most spectacular places. This truly was a spectacular vacation. I had been thinking that maybe this would be his choice time to pop the question, because it certainly had crossed my mind. But, the days passed and we started the final leg of our trip and flew into Anchorage Alaska sans engagement. We spent the last 4 days of the adventure photographing bears in Lake Clark National Park- a place so isolated that our pilot put down on a strip of beach. There weren’t any roads for him to use. We were in for a treat- not 200 yards away, two second year Cubs were playing in the surf. We quickly unloaded our bags, found our cabin and headed out with our cameras. I was so excited I failed to notice Chase didn’t have his camera when we stepped onto the beach. The cubs were rough-housing around the mouth of the river. These photos were going to be amazing. Chase was standing beside me and he initiated a dialogue that went something like this:

Chase: “It’s absolutely gorgeous here, isn’t it?”

Katie: “yes, uh huh” camera snapping away

Chase: “I love you so much, Katie. I’m so happy to be here with you.”

Katie: “oh babe I love you too. Check out these bears, though!”

Chase: “It would make for a great photo if we got one with the Bears in the background!”

Katie: “now?”

Chase: is already down on one knee

For the record, I completely regret being so distracted in the moments leading up to this one, but I was so overwhelmed when I saw my best friend, the man I loved more than anything, my greatest blessing, down on one knee, that my jaw dropped and my eyes instantly welled up with tears.

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I had blacked out by this point, so I’m not sure exactly what was said next, but I must have stammered “YES” about six times.

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Being in such a remote location, Chase wasn’t sure that if be able to contact anyone so he had my parents and my best friend write letters that he gifted to me upon our return to the cabin. He even managed to sneak in a bottle of champagne. I will be the luckiest girl in the world to marry this man.

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