Kathryn and Cameron

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How We Met

Three years ago, I (Kathryn) was living in a community house in Boston, MA with fifteen other teachers who were all in the same graduate degree program at Boston College. Over the course of three days in February, a major blizzard had dumped 22+ inches of snow on the streets of Boston and we were trapped (happily!) with no school. After several days of boredom and watching a few of my roommates swiping on Tinder, they convinced me to download the app myself. I had absolutely no intention of taking the app seriously, and after seeing firsthand the ridiculous pick-up lines drop in my inbox, I knew it was not going to work out. However, when I got a simple message, “Hi, how are you?” I figured it couldn’t hurt to respond. After messaging back and forth with Cameron a few times, we discovered that his sister taught with my mother in the same school in Maine, where we both grew up (small world)! When he told me his sister’s name I could not believe it: she had been the one to tell me about the graduate program I was enrolled in at the time. Due to this bizarre connection, I agreed to meet Cameron in person. Ironically, that Saturday was Valentine’s Day, so he arranged for us to get brunch (thinking it would be a less awkward first date than dinner). We instantly bonded over our love of Maine, all breakfast foods, skiing, and the great outdoors.

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how they asked

On New Year’s Day, Cameron arranged for my parents to bring me to our family’s house on Little Sebago Lake in Maine. It is a place that became special to us both over the years. In the negative six degree weather, I saw a person standing in the middle of the frozen lake. I could not quite tell who it was, but I soon realized it could only be one person. It took me five minutes to walk through the snow, but when I arrived to him as the sun was setting, he got down on one knee and proposed!

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