Kathryn and Anthony

how we met

We met on the internet, specifically Bumble. I (Tony) had been out of the game for a long time was very new to the internet life. In fact, I had only been on one date before going on my date with Kathryn and that was just coffee. Technically, Kathryn was the first person I had matched with on Bumble but because of our schedules it took awhile to finally meet in person, and she was a little coy online. Let’s just say I’m so thankful for cat gifs. Our first date was at Kathryn’s house for some wine and pizza on the couch because she had just flown home from Iceland and didn’t feel up to going out. I figured the first date would be an hour or two, but we ended up talking for almost six hours!

I pretty much knew immediately that I’d love Kathryn. When I saw her profile and how beautiful and fun she looked, I knew that I’d be so lucky to have a chance with her. Then after that first night that we just talked and talked without missing a beat I knew personality wise she was my jam. However, it wasn’t until our second date when she took my hand that I knew it was it.

how they asked

I’ve never been so nervous for the proposal, not because I was worried that Kathryn would say no but because I wanted it to be as special and she is. Thankfully, she is very down to earth and didn’t need something over the top. For me, it was important for her to be surprised and for it to have some meaning to our relationship. So, on date number five I asked Kathryn to be my The Feed Company in Lower Greenville on a Sunday evening before we went to the movies. It was a magical day and one I’ll never forget, and it’s become our “place”. We also have shared a music playlist since the very beginning and music is very important to us.

So, under the rouse of having dinner with my family, I got Kathryn to the restaurant our fifth month anniversary. I knew she wanted it documented so I had to find a photographer and somehow the internet blessed me again with Tara, who is not only an amazing photographer but an amazing person. She helped me finalize my proposal and was a critical part in making sure the whole thing went down without a hitch. I also wanted to have a musician play our songs while I did my spiel and Tara even knew of a person I should get, Jeremiah, who’s demo was literally one of our songs!!!! So, Jeremiah was pretending to play the venue, Tara and her boo were hiding out. Because Tara is sooo amazing, she blogged about the proposal and did a way better job than I could. It was perfect and a total surprise, which other than Kathryn saying yes was the most important thing.

Special Thanks

Tara Arseven Photography
 | Photography
Feed Company Eatery & Bourbon Lounge
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