Kathryn and Andrew

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How We Met

Our meeting was straight out of a book – not a fairy tale, but more like a joke book.

“A girl walks into a bar and finds a guy dancing like a fool, and she decides to approach him”… the joke was on me because after an evening of his most ridiculous dance moves, I couldn’t get enough. We spent the whole night dancing, spinning and twirling and with only intermittent conversation as we took drink breaks. It was getting late and both of our friends had abandoned us. I was less than a mile from home, so I had planned to walk. Andrew said he also lived in walking distance, so he offered to walk me home. We exchanged numbers. He had a friend in town and I said I was going apt. hunting the next day. Knowing of our plans, he texted the next day (Sunday) and asked how the hunt was going. We exchanged a few texts and the conversation ended. Monday afternoon he called…who calls anymore? I was not available, so he left a voice mail. (In which I have saved through the changing of 3 new phones). We touched base and made arrangements to meet a week later. (he had a friend in town and my parents were visiting for my graduate school graduation). The day of the infamous first day arrives, not long into the conversation, He asked if my roommate and I had found a place. I remarked with excitement that we found a place on the 1300 block of Fairmont Street! He looked at me and laughed and said that he lived at the 1200 block of Fairmont street. We would be less than a block away from one another. The rest of the date went great, but when I got home, I told my roommate of the potential geographic issues. If we did not work out, I did not want to bump into him every time I walked to the metro or just around the neighborhood. Good thing my roommate is my best friend (and often right):) She told me to see Andrew again- and I did. Every single day since our first date. The only exceptions were if one of us was traveling.

how they asked

Andrew and I met on cuatro de Mayo, since there are so many milestones in early relationships, we decided to celebrate the day we met as our official anniversary. Andrew was deployed for winter and spring 2015. On the day of our anniversary, I returned home from a long day of work to find a post-it note on the door. It provided a riddle that needed to be solved, I wandered through the apt. going from note to note to end the great adventure with a beautiful set of sapphire earrings. I was not able to talk to him right away due to the time difference, but I went on with my plans to meet up with friends, meeting up with the friend who had put the notes around the apt.

A month later, when Andrew returned home, he asked if I wanted to celebrate our anniversary. I replied, that he had already done so much! In previous years we would “relive our first date”- hoping from restaurant to restaurant. We were preparing to move in September, so he explained that we had to celebrate and in addition to going to all the places we went on our first date, we decided to start at the bar where we met. He choose a day and I explained that I already had plans with my friend Dave and Tyler. He said that was fine that he was going to have to work a little late that day anyway and asked if I could be ready to meet up around 7 PM. So the night arrives and I have a few drinks with my friends. Andrew meet’s us on the rooftop and asks if I am ready to go out.

We head out and walk to the bar in which we met, As we walk in we learn there is a free comedy show going on. (Bonus!) The comedian on stage looked JUST like the friend that was visiting Andrew on the bight that we met. (That is just a good sign I would learn later in the night!) Andrew and I left the show early (we had a lot of stops!) and we walked towards my old apt. which is where we had our first kiss. We had our moment there and moved onto the first restaurant from our first date. I walked in and the hostess quickly seated us at the same table in which we sat the first time. There was a card and flowers there waiting for me! I was delightfully surprised, but Andrew has always been a romantic, so I thought nothing more than that. We had a few drinks and moved on to the next place. Again, we got the same table- the whole time I was just thinking how wonderfully things were working out, but it was a Wednesday, so places were not too crowded! As we were having a snack Andrew received a phone call, he said it was his boss… it was after 11:00 PM! But my exact remarks were – that his boss sent him work a week earlier on a day he requested off, so again not super surprising.

While he was on the phone, I requested “to go” boxes, and started putting the food away, then I looked up and say my best friend walk in the door… I was confused, the rest is caught on camera!

Andrew an planned the night to the second, I am very superstitious and a believe in wish making every time I catch 11:11 on the clock. He had orchestrated the night to be delayed and the exact amount of time at each place so that he could propose at exactly 11:11!! I was completely surprised!

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