Kathryn and Andrew

How We Met

Andrew’s mom and my aunt have been best friends since they were in high school. But who would have predicted we would end up together? Andrew and I knew each other as young children. Often attending my cousin’s birthday part or the occasional playdate at McDonalds. However, it wasn’t until senior year of college when we reunited. We had mutual friends and started to become friendly. Our senior year we both commuted to school and would often run into each other at the gym. Andrew even asked me to go to a spin class with him once (he had never been before)! I was finishing up my masters program and doing my student teaching. Andrew reached out and asked me to meet him for a drink at Benjamin’s, a local restaurant in town. His dad was playing in his band there and Andrew decided it was fine if I met his parents on the first date since technically I knew them my whole life. That was the beginning of it all! *Also, note I’m not the cute blonde in this picture. I’m the one with the bowl cut….

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how they asked

So Andrew brought me to North Conway, New Hampshire in November 2016 for a long weekend. I absolutely fell in love with the atmosphere and we decided to make it a yearly trip! This past November, we planned our North Conway weekend getaway and decided to invite my brothers and my sister in law. We drove up to New Hampshire from Massachusetts on Friday, sightseeing along our route. That night we had a casual dinner and planned our day for Saturday. Saturday morning, we bought tickets for a scenic railroad train ride. It was beautiful but I couldn’t wait to show my brothers and sister in law all of my favorite places. Such as Moat Mountain Brewery and the Omni Mount Washington Hotel. I suggested we stop and get nachos on our way to Mt. Washington but no one seemed to like the idea. Andrew at the time, told me the nachos weren’t even that good… I was crushed for I had talked about them all year! Little did I know, we were supposed to be on a schedule.

We finally arrived at the Mount Washington Hotel and grabbed a drink. I told them all about the hotel and told them I couldn’t wait until sunset. Everyone drank their drink super fast and wanted to cash out. I was so confused why all of a sudden this relaxing vacation seemed rushed. That’s one of my favorite parts of being in New Hampshire, how relaxing it is! I even told them we didn’t have to go outside until sunset because that was the best view! Yet, here we are going outside to take pictures. Once we got outside I noticed a girl in a green peacoat taking pictures. I thought she was so cute and must have been a blogger. My brother and his wife took a picture first.

Then it was time for Andrew and I. As I smiled for the camera, Andrew started to distance himself from me. He looked at me, started talking, and next thing you know he was on one knee!! I couldn’t believe it!! My siblings were cheering and I looked up to see the girl in the green peacoat taking pictures of us! It was such a whirlwind. I knew I had to call my mom! I just got engaged and she needed to know! I tried to call her but everyone told me I had to wait because we only had the photographer for a little while.

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After we took some pictures, Andrew grabbed my hand and said he had champagne waiting on ice inside. We walked inside and not only were my parents there but so was his entire family!

It was such an emotional time. I absolutely loved having our families there to witness our engagement, it meant everything to me. I later learned Andrew had been planning our engagement for months, sent out emails, schedules, and even a floor plan for the hotel. We all were able to take pictures together and have a lovely dinner. I feel so lucky to have experienced our engagement with both of our families!

Special Thanks

Meg Brown
 | Photographer