Kathryn and Adam

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

How We Met

Adam and I first met in the spring of 2012. We both worked at a Courtyard hotel, and at first did not have too many shifts together. However, when I returned in 2014 to the same hotel, we worked together nearly every evening for months and quickly became close friends!

how they asked

We celebrated my 24th birthday at Walt Disney World. It was Adam’s first time going as an adult, and I was so excited to show him all of the magical things that I love so much and experience the place “Where dreams come true” with him! Prior to our trip, I had mentioned how cool it would be if he proposed in front of Splash Mountain,or the Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom, or in the UK Pavilion at EPCOT. On March 18th, we went to EPCOT and walked through the UK Pavilion a few times – but no ring! Surely, I thought, that the next day being spent in Magic Kingdom he would pop the question before we went on one of my favorite rides, especially since it was my birthday. Alas, we went on all of the rides I hold so dear and the only time he got down on one knee was to tie his shoelace. I was still so joyful because I was with him and we were about to meet up with my friends Rachell and Alex to watch Wishes together, after which we were going to watch the Main Street Electrical Parade. I was in my favorite place, with some of my favorite people, and I was so full of joy. I was there with them, and that was what mattered. When we were about halfway through the fireworks, Rachell told me to turn around and face her with my eyes closed after Jiminy Cricket and the Blue Fairy talked about making wishes, so she could take a picture of me.

Of course, as I had convinced myself that Adam was not proposing during our Disney trip, I suspected NOTHING. Now, as Adam did not know too many specifics about Disney, he had no idea that the Magic Kingdom fireworks show was called “Wishes” until we had dinner with Rachell and Alex the night we got into Orlando. He had just thought I liked to call it that. The name of the show certainly worked in his favor, as when he put his arms around me, he said “I am about to make your wish come true.” I opened my eyes and turned to see him down on one knee as it was was at the part where the song says “And your wish will come true!” I was completely surprised and joyful and could not have held him closer to me if I had tried. I could not have dreamed of a more perfect and magical moment, and the magic did not stop there! Little did I know, that before fireworks, Rachell was sweet enough to ask a Photopass Photographer to be ready for us on Main Street, as her friend was getting engaged and she wanted to do something special. The wonderful photographer had a giant blown up “Just Engaged” button and Adam and I got to have our engagement photos taken on Main Street with Cinderella’s Castle in the background! I will forever be so grateful to my amazing friends for helping to make my 24th birthday the best one yet, and so amazed at how perfect that whole day turned out to be!

Kathryn and Adam's Engagement in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom