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How We Met

The way Conor and I met is actually somewhat of a Nicholas Sparks book. A long time friend of mine invited me to one of his formals at the United States Military Academy at West Point, where Conor and him attend. Going there I had every intention to make it a fun weekend and didn’t expect for anything to happen, especially not meeting my future husband. When I arrived at the rental house the day of the dance (they can’t have dates stay in their barracks at West Point) he was the last person I met, coming down the stairs making eye contact with me the whole time. I could barely get a “hey, I’m Kathleen” out after he smirked me a “hi, I’m Conor”. He was with a date so I tried not to get my hopes up because I didn’t know the situation. My friend and I took a separate car from Conor to head up to West Point. When we got to the barracks (their dorm rooms) that’s when I found out that Conor was my friends roommate. Out of 4,000 cadets that attend there, how does that even happen?! Fate. That’s not the first time fate has struck that night let me tell you.

When Conor’s date and I were getting ready, I asked her how she knew him and she replied “We’re just friends from high school.” Bingo, there’s the green light! At the formal its similar to a semi or a prom with the sit down dinner. I get to my seat at the table and I was hoping that my friend and his other friend he brought were sitting on the right and left of me. My friend was on my right and I look to my left and I see a last name I don’t recognize. I only met them all by their first names, so I was praying it’s the girl cadet I got to be friendly with. But here comes Conor with a huge smile on his face and takes his place right next to me. At this point I’m like “God, seriously who is this and what are you doing to me???” At dinner was where I really got to know Conor’s funny, quick witted personality.

We had the same sense of humor and it was hard to even pretend I didn’t like him. After dinner we headed back to the house and all I could think was I knew that I wanted to date Conor no matter what. We hung out all night and stayed up until around 3:00 AM just talking and trying to clean the house since we were leaving the next morning. I was not his date so he didn’t leave me his number, but he did leave me a note signing it with his first and last name. He put it there thinking hopefully that I was curious enough to search his name and try to add him on Facebook. Well, I did. Since that day we have been talking everyday for almost 2 years now. He proposed to me on September 24th, 2016 and I get to now marry him this upcoming June.

how they asked

Conor and I had plans to go to Point Pleasant, a beach in NJ, to spend a weekend with his grandparents who visiting the area. He attends the United States Military Academy so time is limited, and what better way to spend time together than on a beach? When we got to their beach house, we caught up with his grandparents and other family that was also staying. We decided that we were going to head out for a walk along the beach before it got dark outside. I recently bought this new camera that is WiFi enabled, so I can take pictures from my phone when it’s connected via Bluetooth. The sun was just starting to set and it was breathtaking, so of course it was a perfect photo opportunity I wanted to take advantage of.

He started asking me how it takes pictures and I showed him, but little did I know what he was planning. I handed him my phone and went to go and grab the camera to see what the pictures looked like. He yelled for me halfway to the camera, asking if we can take one more. I’m confused at this point because I already took an album full, but I agreed and headed back to him. He had my phone so I was asking him if I was in the shot with my attention towards the camera. I look to my left and there he is on one knee. I was in such shock, he totally got me by surprise. He tricked me with my own camera feature, capturing each moment of me freaking out. It’s a day that neither of us will forget.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

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