Kathleen and William

How We Met

We met on Tinder! Believe it or not, it works. We were friends and hung out as much as we could for about 6 months before deciding to jump into a long distance relationship.

How They Asked

What a whirlwind! Kathleen worked for the University of Georgia basketball team for 4 years. Will told her boss to have her dress up and come to Stegeman Coliseum to celebrate the seniors later that week. Kathleen had no idea what she was getting into. Her roommates and now bridesmaids made suggestions on what they thought it might be. An award? A celebration of seniors? Anyways they oddly helped her pick out an outfit and she went on her way.

Kathleen and William's Engagement in Stegeman Coliseum at the University of Georgia

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Stegeman Coliseum at the University of Georgia

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Stegeman Coliseum at the University of Georgia

After taking the bus and walking through the rain, Kathleen arrived at the Coliseum. Her boss greeted her and told her all the other girls would be arriving and they would take photos on the basketball court. He led her to the basketball court and there Will was right on the big Georgia G. She walked all the way down and he asked her to be his forever! She then was greeted by their friends and family. Will even got her shift at work that afternoon covered! Later that evening they threw them an engagement party and Will’s parents traveled down from Raleigh, as well. What a special weekend filled with all the bests!

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