Kathleen and Steven

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How We Met

I was never one for online dating, but I was ready to settle down and find ‘the one’ and nothing else seemed to be cutting it. I joined one site and rarely used it. I’d receive messages, but nothing that ever called out to me or warranted a response back. One day out of boredom I was searching through profiles and came across Steven’s. I was attracted to him immediately – but as a major skeptic and someone that watches way too many lifetime movies, I was still concerned he could potentially be a serial killer. I messaged him regardless and he actually replied back! We talked a bit through messages and with information he had given me about himself I was able to track him down on Facebook. To my surprise, we had a lot of mutual friends! So, now that I knew he was a real person I was comfortable giving him my phone number when he asked for it. The online messages turned to texts, and eventually I agreed to meet up for the first time! We played trivia at a local bar – I figured that the trivia itself would be a decent ice breaker or something good to focus on in case things went south. The date was enjoyable but I still wasn’t sure if I was feeling it – don’t know if I was scared of being vulnerable and letting someone else in after past failed relationships or if he just wasn’t the one for me. We still talked, and eventually we planned a second date for a rangers game. Long story short, but I partied too hard the night before and was so sick the next day I couldn’t attend. Mind you, this is now a few months after trivia. I felt horrible about it, as he thought I was making up excuses to just blow him off – but it was the truth! Eventually I bought rangers tickets of my own and invited him, not only to give him a second shot but to make up for the money he lost with me cancelling on him. I ended up having so much fun! All I remember is hoping he’d hold my hand on the train ride home and it never happened. But, from that day on we became inseparable.

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how they asked

As a couple, one of our favorite activities to do together became the craze known as ‘Escape Rooms’. We traveled all over Long Island partaking in these games. We both loved solving the clues and racing to beat the clock to escape in time, and if lucky, to beat the record time as well. So, when Steven’s sister Brittni told me she won free passes to a local escape room, I didn’t think anything of it. I had already had plans to go kayaking with my best friend Laura that day but Brittni insisted she had an extra ticket and could bring Laura along. Turns out, when they found out I wouldn’t cancel my plans wth Laura, Steven had to tell her what the plan was so that she could make me go.

We showed up for the escape room with messy wind blown hair and still wearing bathing suits under our clothes from the kayaking, but ready to play. As my friends know, I get super competitive in these settings – I’m the one racing to beat the record time, because ‘just escaping’ wasn’t good enough for me. So as we started to get stuck on clues in the room, I started to get frustrated knowing we were running out of time. I had to coach Steven through a maze to obtain a key, which unlocked a lock, and then buttons were pressed which magically opened a fireplace on the other side of the room which contained a paper. Steven’s other sister, Lia, was standing closest to the fireplace so I asked her what was inside. Her response, ‘I don’t know’. Now, with the clock still ticking I’m wondering why no one is moving and getting this paper, growing annoyed with everyone that they aren’t concerned about not beating the time. I

ran to the fireplace then and removed a rolled up poster, which I opened up and it had all pictures of Steven and I on it. I was beyond confused, why did they have all pictures of us?! I didn’t even read the words ‘Kathleen will you marry me’ on it. When I lowered the poster, Steven was already on one knee saying ‘I wouldn’t want to be locked in a room with anyone else for the rest of my life..’

SWOON. After saying yes he handed me the key to exit the room, which was in his pocket the whole time…

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