Kathleen and Stephen

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How We Met

Stephen and I met, what seems like many years ago, at Patrick Henry High School in Architecture class (little did we know God’s plan of how he would bring us together later using this commonality). We joke about him remembering me as the teacher’s pet and Stephen was just the weird Russian kid in the back haha. Our story really started summer of 16′ when Stephen decided to message me on Instagram about HGTV and Fixer Upper. I give him a hard time because he didn’t even say hi, he just sent me a random video from HGTV and started talking about it haha clearly I didn’t think it was that odd… I was living in Lynchburg at the time while he was home in Richmond so we talked for a few weeks before I was able to come home and he took me on our first date; it was the BEST date I have ever been on!

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He was legit a perfect gentleman with everything he did and he treated me to a fancy dinner on the water and told me I could get anything I wanted. Our conversations were so natural and we clicked on every topic we talked about. We sat by the water that night for hours just talking about life and what we saw for ourselves in the future. I kinda knew he was a keeper when I found out he was into construction because secretly I had always dreamed of having my husband work in the home building business since I’m an Interior Designer. That small conversation on Instagram led to the best year ours lives spent growing and changing in ways neither of us ever expected could happen. If I’m being honest, I think both of us would say that we knew this was different from our very first date and that’s where our future together began both then and when he proposed a year later.

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how they asked

It was our anniversary and we had been planning to go back to the same restaurant as our first date. Stephen picked me up and once we arrived he told me we had to wait for our reservation so we were going to walk by the water. Once we got closer, I saw the dock with the flower petals on the ground and knew it was about to go down!

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I immediately started freaking out because I’m a nervous wreck half the time but he led me out on the dock and told me about when he first knew he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, then he got down and proposed! I said no at first to be funny but then, of course, I immediately said yes!

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After I found out he had planned for one of our best friends, Tim to be hiding in the bushes capturing it all on camera and video. He had then organized our close friends and family to be waiting in the restaurant for a surprise engagement party. I was so taken back by the whole night because it was everything and more than I had dreamed about. It was hands down the best night of our lives so far and we are so excited for the future to come!

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Special Thanks

Timothy Patti
 | Photographer