Kathleen and Ryan

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How We Met

Ryan and I were just teenagers when we met in a mutual friends dorm room. I remember walking into the room and my eyes widened when I saw his face. He was adorable. I immediately texted my friend from across the room and asked “Who is that!?” Fast forward 6 years and here we are engaged :)

how they asked

Back in the Spring of 2017 we decided we wanted to buy a house together so our two dogs had more room to play and run. Very millennial of us! It was a long process, but in September we closed on our perfect first home together.Our house is a corner lot in a neighborhood where all the streets are named after stones; Emerald, Diamond, Ruby and Onyx. We are located on Diamond Court.

It was our first night staying in the house, and we had no furniture inside, except a bed, a few chairs, and a TV. We were starting renovations the next day and originally wanted to wait to move until we were done, but were too excited and decided to stay throughout the process.

Ryan and I were in our kitchen watching the dogs, Buck and Wally, run around outside when he told me had a housewarming present. I was shocked! I hadn’t gotten him anything. I immediately said, “ Oh no, I didn’t get you a present, but I can order pizza!” He laughed and said no, then pulled two glasses and a wine bottle out of a box on the counter top. It was a sweet moment when we did a “Cheers” to the new house and our future.

I felt terrible I hadn’t been more thoughtful and again asked if he wanted pizza, but he said maybe later. Looking back now this was a very funny response to his present.

With our wine in hand, we went into our bedroom to watch TV. After a while he said, “You know, I got you a real housewarming present. I was talking to your dad about what to get you, and I told him it’s a good thing we moved to Diamond instead of Emerald.”

He pulled out a little box from underneath the mattress and I instantly began to cry. Ryan asked me to marry him with the most amazing, unique ring. He gave me two diamonds in one weekend, and I couldn’t have been more shocked, ecstatic and grateful.

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