Kathleen and Ryan

Image 7 of Kathleen and Ryan

How We Met

Ryan and I met at my friend’s birthday party by chance – he didn’t really want to be out and I was there to meet up with another guy. We started talking about Wendy’s and couldn’t stop. I realized I had lost my friends so when I was leaving I said: “maybe I’ll see you at Wendy’s some time!” He replied “if I had your phone number, we can go get Wendy’s sometimes…” and we’ve been inseparable ever since!

How They Asked

We were meeting my roommate (who’s also a photographer) and her boyfriend at a park in Charlotte Sunday morning to take some pictures. When Ryan and I got there, we couldn’t find them. I caught a glimpse of my roommate’s boyfriend out of the corner of my eye and started walking towards him. Ryan kept walking the opposite direction and I got a little confused (and started getting a little sassy).

Image 1 of Kathleen and Ryan

I asked why we weren’t going over to be with them, and then Ryan gestured behind me and said: “Open that box and find out.” I turned around to see a cake box from my favorite bakery sitting on the ground. When I opened it, the cake had “will you marry me?” written on the top. I looked back to see Ryan pulling a ring out and getting down on one knee. Then my roommate ran over to capture the whole moment.

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Special Thanks

Sydney Blue
 | Photographer