Kathleen and Robbie

How We Met

Robbie and I met in kindergarten, we went to elementary and high school together. In Grade 8 we became really close, and became best friends, As my family is super protective of me, they always wanted me to walk to school with someone or they would often drive me. Robbie picked me up every morning from my house and would hold my holder/backpack for me and walk with me to school. I remember we would spend hours each night talking on the phone or chatting on MSN and it was difficult for us to admit our feelings as the timing never seemed to work out. We didn’t start officially dating until grade 11. Dating in high school was challenging, as we were so different, teachers did not approve, nor did my family. But I remember each morning I arrived at school I was so excited to meet him in the hall at our locker, we spent our spares and lunch times together, as it was the only time we could hang out as my parents were so strict. Family is so important to me, and Robbie and I knew that it wouldn’t work if he didn’t meet my family. Finally he met my family after 4 and a half years of dating, and now they absolutely love him. Although there were many obstacles to get where we are today, I am so thankful we were able to get through it together and I have never been as happy and in love as I am today, and I know tomorrow I will love him even more.

Beach Proposal (5)

how they asked

Robbie and I have been dating for 8 years since High School, and I was finishing up my last year of my Masters of Occupational Therapy Program. My parents were pretty strict growing up, and I always thought that I would have to be finished school before getting engaged, so whenever anyone asked us Robbie would always say when she’s done school (as he is pretty scared of my dad). Robbie took me on a trip to Cancun for Christmas during my winter holidays. When we got there, he told me he wanted to do a photoshoot at our resort, which I was surprised and so happy that he wanted to do something so romantic. He set up the photoshoot with a photographer at the resort. As I was getting ready he seemed nervous laying on the bed, huffing and puffing, and said he felt sick and that he was going to go downstairs to get nail clippers as he forgot to pack some. I just thought he was actually sick as we were eating a lot of foods in Mexico we weren’t used to.

At this time he was actually going downstairs to talk to the photographer to confirm the details. Near the end of our photoshoot the photographer told me to turn towards the water and start walking, while Robbie was far away behind me. When I was told to turn around Robbie was down on one knee, I was so shocked and overwhelmed by the sunlight, the waves, and the clicking of the camera, I couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

I did not remember his speech due to all the emotions rushing in my head, except I remember every time he forgot what he was going to say he said “I love you so much”, and I remember his hand shaking when he took out the ring and him stuttering, it was so cute how nervous he was. I remember thinking, “WHY I’M I NOT CRYING?!” He proposed with the most gorgeous ring that he and my mom custom made for me. Of course I said yes, and instantly started crying for 20 minutes straight. He stopped me midway and said “those are happy tears right? You are making me anxious.” And of course they were I just was finally able to process what had happened, literally the best day ever, and I wish I could relive it over and over again. Thankfully, I have photos that capture each moment and emotion we were both experiencing.

The Best Day Ever

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