Kathleen and Matthew

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How We Met

So, I always said I would never date someone I met at a club or bar.. And here I am, now engaged with 2 kids to the love of my life whom I met- AT A BAR! We met in 2013 at Hugos Lounge in the cross! Funnily enough, we got talking that night and realised we went to school together but didn’t really know each-other, although because he was older he & my maid of honor who is my best friend & practically my big sister were in the same grade at school so the stories that come with them are hilarious! We eventually kept talking, I brushed him off for a few months and had no intentions of dating him at all until I went to Thailand for New Years 2013-2014 and it was then we kept in contact the whole time, I got sick and he offered to fly over there to bring me home, he also stayed up til 4am Australian time just to wish me a Happy new years and facetime with me when it was New Years officially in Thailand. I was then surprised on my return when he came to pick me up from the airport with one of my girlfriends, it was only until then I started to fall for him and realised he was genuine. We dated for about 6 months then before he said his “i love you” and we made things official.. A few years later, here we are.. Engaged, planning our wedding with two amazing little kids together! We couldn’t be happier..

how they asked

In September 2016, we went away for our first family trip overseas. We booked a trip to the Philippines where we went for a wedding & our god daughters first birthday. We arrived in Manila then traveled to Cebu with our family & friends.. It was a Thursday evening, Matthew had organised our daughters god parents to babysit the little ones, I was then treated to a relaxing massage & spa treatment which we did as a couple followed by a lovely walk down to a candlelit dinner, with our very own band and amazing 5 course seafood dinner on a private beach of our resort, it was breathtaking! We had eaten, had some wine and enjoyed the music before he got down on one knee and proposed.. I SAID YES!

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The proposal was not only unique, beautiful and more than I could imagine but also very different to normal- as he proposed with just the diamond (which was ahhhh-mazing).. It was all the more sentimental to me because we then got to design the whole ring together which was a bunch of fun too! Its now perfect and everything I’ve ever wanted with all the different little designs I put together. It definitely is my most favorite memory and the proposal couldn’t have been any more suited to me and my personality then it was. Wine, the beach & my man, yes please!

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Special Thanks

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