Kathleen and John

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Business class on our first flight to Australia

How We Met

As one of my best friends likes to say “the best friendships start out kinda like love stories” and it was my friendship with her that led me to him. I owe the last 6 years to that fated Blue and White weekend at my fiance’s alma mater where we met through the encouragement of my dear friend. After that weekend we spent our first summer together, then endured a long distance relationship which saw us through so many firsts- John’s first job, my first of many international trips, my first undergraduate and graduate degree; all of this taking place before living together happily in Charlotte, NC. And now, after more than 6 years we are in a relationship which proves more fun, energetic, exciting, and loving every day.

how they asked

Some people might think it strange but to those that know us, John’s proposal was so true to who we are. After more than 6 years together the idea of marriage had been discussed and I had a hunch a proposal may have been on the horizon. However, nothing could’ve prepared me for a proposal enroute to Australia! I had never been somewhere so far away and since meeting him, John had ignited a passion in me for travel. Sitting in the fanciest seats I had ever been given and practically nodding off to sleep, John waited until the plane had crossed into international waters as he pulled out the ring and presented me with the most important question I’ll ever answer in life.

To many this may seem simple or silly but to me, John chose the most romantic place because everything we are and will ever be is two people in our own little world (even if we are surrounded by hundreds of passengers as we fly across the Pacific). That flight we stayed up all night (roughly 16 hours) drinking champagne and reliving our memories as we began to imagine all the new adventures our future may hold.