Kathleen and JD

Image 1 of Kathleen and JD

How We Met

We met at Belmont University. We had religion class together our senior year and I sat behind JD and had the biggest crush on him. At a friend’s birthday I mustered up the courage to talk to him. The only thing I could come up with: “I don’t know if you know me, but my name is Kathleen and I sit behind you in religion. You have really great hair.” And he does! Especially at the time, it was long enough for his locks to be in a ponytail! We ended up talking more later that night, and he asked me on our first date. Which little did I know then, but it would be not only our first date place but also our engagement spot 3 years later.

how they asked

JD had truly convinced me we were on our way to look at drive through Christmas lights. We had been trying to find a good time for a couple weeks but between holiday parties and work we couldn’t find a time. We agreed we would commit to making it happen on Wednesday. I did research of where to go and texted him details and we chatted all day about different options and about his work load at his new job. Little did I know, we wouldn’t be seeing the kind of lights I was thinking of that night and JD was not at his desk, but working on a special surprise. Around 4, he suggested we grab Taziki’s for dinner which was great for a quick bite before driving out to the lights.

He picked me up from work and we headed to the restaurant. I was looking down but when we got to what would have been the normal turn to go to Taziki’s, JD very low key changed out of the turning lane and into the straight one. I chided him saying he was going the wrong way and we joked about his laughable lack of directions. Then it hit me. The only thing straight ahead was the road leading up to Love Circle, our first date spot. I just said, “oh my gosh, is this happening right now?!” And JD grinned as we winded up the hill up to where we shared our first long conversation and learned about each other and at the end of the night our first kiss. It was really dark and we held hands and walked while we reminisced on that first conversation and about all we had been through together and how much we have grown over the past three years.

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He ensured me he had talked to both of our families and they were excited and knew it would happen tonight. He said, “I know you wanted to see Christmas lights but we won’t be seeing any of those tonight…but I did make this for you.” And we found the corner and in the middle of the dark, he had set up our lights and set the scene for the most exciting question I’ve gotten to hear.

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We then went to celebrate with champagne at the restaurant we went to on our first date (Bricktops not Taziki’s!) and called all the people we love so much. Poor JD, he got up from off his knee and we hugged and I said, “so we really aren’t going to Taziki’s?” He really got me!

Image 7 of Kathleen and JD

Special Thanks

Marissa Roberts
 | Photography