Kathleen and James

Marriage Proposal Ideas in White's Marina

How We Met

When a friend, co-worker or family member tell you the dreaded line: “I have someone you have to meet” you generally say sarcastically: “Yeah, ok”. In this case, it was said, then reciprocated, & then eventually you say “I guess” or “why not?”. Vinny and Therese were to be wed & had 2 people that they dealt with & wanted to see happy. They had a plan to have them meet at their wedding but due to a scheduling conflict, it did not happen. A few months went by and they finally set it up. Therese had a teaching assistant that she knew had to find a situation different than she was used to. Vinny had a third wheel he needed to get off his couch and let him live his married life on Friday nights. On 4/17/15 while attending a concert Therese showed Jimmy her social media page and put the gears in motion. She did the dreaded move of liking a picture, gave him her number and said; text her. It started off with “Awkward huh?” & “Therese told me to text you”, she responded with “Always.

I blame her for it” & felt left out hanging out without her, slight jealousy. They would then text each other getting a feel for each other. Then after about 2 weeks of deliberation, they decided to give it a shot & go on a date. April 17th, 2015 they met in a parking lot on Jimmy’s side of the river & went to a small restaurant that would accommodate both of them. They met in the Kohl’s parking lot, the first face to face encounter. They both had the attitude of going in this with nothing to lose or why not? This may have made things a little easier for the both of them. They went to Clayton and Delaney’s for dinner and planned to meet with their friends afterward. She ordered a “Plain Burger, no Cheese” and he got the pulled pork sandwich, with cheese. There was never a dull moment talking about their feelings about cheese, family & other things. They then headed out to the new homeowner’s house to hang out with them. Someone may have had a few too many drinks..to find out more visit our website!