Kathleen and Graham

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Grahams parents farm

How We Met

Graham and I went to the same middle school! He was grade 8 when I was in grade 6 and I was SO infatuated with him. He was the hot older guy I would write about in my diary. Both his younger sister and brother went to the same school too – I played on the same basketball team as his sister! Of course, I was 11 and had a bowl cut and braces and was supremely awkward so Graham had no idea I even existed.

Cut to 2013, where I saw him at a bar when we were both at Queens University! I saw him from across the room and my jaw dropped. I looked to my friend (who also went to the same middle school as us) and said “Oh my God, I think that’s Graham Watt!!! He’s walking towards us.” He asked me to dance and bought me a drink and had NO IDEA who I was! We danced the night away and later I casually mentioned “Wait … I think I know you from somewhere” (trying my hardest to play it cool!”

I eventually told him that he was making all my middle school dreams come true :)

How They Asked

On Christmas day, 2019 (I’m OBSESSED with Christmas), Graham and I were at his parents’ farmhouse just outside Toronto. Normally, my mom and I have Christmas together, but this year we decided to join our families together (Since it has been 6 years of dating!).

The farm is so magical at Christmas. Graham’s mom decorated the house so beautifully. It was already such a magical day since I was surrounded by everyone I love.

Graham and I wanted to do our gift exchange privately. Graham told me to sit down by the tree and close my eyes. My heart pounding with excitement that MAYBE he would propose!! He came back with a large box and told me to open it carefully because something might be alive in there (I’ve been BEGGING for a puppy!!!). I opened the box and inside was a plush dog. Slightly disappointed I looked at Graham and he was on one knee and asked me to marry him. I burst into tears of joy and said YES!!!!!

Where to Propose in Grahams parents farm